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Nintendo Unveils Three New Commercials For Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Leading up to the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Nintendo has unveiled three new TV spots to get fans excited for the role-playing sequel. You can check out the latest trio of promos in the video below. In the game, Blades are artificial lifeforms that bond with Drivers to lend them their weapons and powers in battle. Main character Rex is a Driver and Pyra is a Blade, both of whom are the focus of attention in the new commercials. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is set to debut as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on December 1.


    1. They’ve brought it forward and made it better.
      I get it if you don’t like the art style, but literally everything else about the game is improved.

      And considering how AMAZING the music was in the first Xenoblade, saying the sequel at least matches it, is a big statement. All three of those promo spots had music that hit me right in the feels.
      That hasn’t happened in a VERY long time. One or two songs here and there per game, maybe, but I’ve yet to hear a single track from Xenoblade 2 that comes anywhere close to being bland.

      I’d pay for the soundtrack alone.
      That’s not something I’d say about many games.

      1. “literally everything else about the game is improved.”

        How can you possibly know this? Have you played the game all the way through? How do you know if the story is better or if the core design is better? These aren’t things that can be bullet pointed in a trailer and be numerically evaluated.

    2. I think the game looks fine. It’s not the set style that will be remembered, but the story and atmosphere. Xenoblade X was a way better looking game than the original Xenoblade, but not near as good IMO.

    3. I hate the way it looks too. Looks so skeevy LOL. I’m sure the gameplay is fine but I’m so disinterested in the story idea with the weapons, the main characters, the artstyle, the fact it’s more of the first game rather than just another new thing (which to me, is playing it too safe), etc.

      I’m definitely skipping this title as I have MORE than enough to play FOR WHILE that unfortunately for Monolith Soft, allows me to pass by the purchase no biggie.

      Just skip it and wait for the next one. Mario Odyssey is out and deserves a thorough playthrough.

    1. I guess the older previews and demos were 720p? They probably improved it since then, at least the framerate looks much smoother to me. Also, Nintendo uploaded the last Xenoblade videos in 1080p, which has been a good sign for the game being above 720p in the past (Splatoon for example)

  1. Don’t need them. I’ve seen enough to know I’m getting this game. It will be great to play a new Xenoblade Chronicles that is more like the first game. Hopefully the open world of the game will not be a detriment this time like it sadly was with BotW & apparently XCX. Least Witcher 3 gave a side story for their many quests & weren’t just fetch quests with no real story behind them. (So many great things in Witcher 3 a lot of other open world games can take a few pointers from.)

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