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Pokken Tournament DX Is Now At Version 1.1.0

Nintendo has released a brand new update for Pokken Tournament DX, and it’s a big one. The game is now at version 1.1.0. As for the update’s contents, if you’ve been wanting some new stuff to be added to the game, you’re getting that. Players can now do online Team Battles, and you can now play with the new recording feature that has been added to Practice Mode’s Free Training. We’ve included the entire patch notes down below, so feel free to check them out.

  • Players can now participate in online Team Battles.
  • A recording feature has been added to Free Training in Practice Mode.
  • Players can get special titles based on their ranking in Official Group Matches.
    • Official Group Matches are groups held officially for Pokkén Tournament DX. Rewards are only available for certain Official Group Matches.
  • It is now possible to change how battle records are displayed.
  • Battle records will be displayed when players enter a group.
  • Team Battles are now available in Event Mode
  • Adjustments have been made to some Pokémon and attacks.
    Pokémon Attack Adjustments
    All Battle Pokémon System Fixed an issue that caused Support Pokémon to be called and Synergy Burst to be activated simultaneously when players press L and R while being hit with an attack that does not cause hit stun.
    All Battle Pokémon Double Jump Fixed an issue where players couldn’t double jump diagonally after certain actions in Field Phase.
    Fixed an issue where players couldn’t double jump while affected by a positive status increasing their number of jumps.
    Lucario Forward Weak Attack Fixed an issue that allowed Lucario to move during a Burst Attack’s animation when hit by a Burst Attack with specific timing.
    Machamp Burst Attack Fixed an issue that allowed opponents to move during its Burst Attack’s animation.
    Suicine Aurora Beam Fixed an issue where an Aurora Beam to the left or right couldn’t be used from a canceled Ranged Attack.
    Gengar Permeate Fixed an issue that allowed players to use Permeate again after using Permeate, double jumping, and then using a Jumping Ranged Attack.
    Chandelure Overheat Fixed an issue where Chandelure did not turn black when affected by a negative status when its action was interrupted by an opponent’s attack.
    Chandelure Forward Strong Attack (Synergy Burst active) Fixed an issue that caused its stats to change after using Burst Attack.
    Garchomp Dragon Claw (Field Phase) Fixed an issue where players couldn’t transition to Running Stance when canceling a Ranged Attack into this move.
    Empoleon Grab attack (Duel Phase) Fixed an issue where some attacks would combo after a Phase Shift.
    Scizor Metal Claw Fixed an issue where some attacks would combo after a Phase Shift.
    Scizor Bug Bite to dash step Fixed an issue where Duel Phase moves could be used after a Phase Shift.
    Decidueye Razor Leaf to Soaring Stance to dash step Fixed an issue where players could double jump even if they were not affected by a positive status increasing Decidueye’s number of jumps.
    Decidueye Soaring Stance Fixed an issue where players temporarily lost control of the Pokémon after it was hit by an attack with specific timing.
    Decidueye Soaring Stance to Strong Attack Fixed an issue where when only the first hit connected, opponents were unable to move even after the hit stun had finished.



    1. Thats pretty much whats stopping it from being a good game in the competitive scene, Ive been playing since the first game as an S rank in ranked, and the game definitely has a lot of faults that people don’t want to admit, such as characters who can completely dominate the shield stun and counter system like Chandelure, Braixen, Mewtwo and Shadow Mewtwo

  1. This game seriously requires no strategy to play. It’s a button mashing galore that has less character roster count than fucking Smash Bros. Melee from 16 years ago which has more strategy to play than this ass of a Tekken wannabe.

      1. 1. I did smartass…twice and 2. Its a button mashing galore like I mentioned. That’s all you have to do to win fights. Smash Bros. has more gameplay depth than this.

      2. “Twice” Woah, you really know how to play, such experience…. did you even leave the training mode or was that too much for you?

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