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New Game Called “Lick My Ass” Coming To Nintendo Switch

A new downloadable title with a rather unusual name is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018. It is a military-themed card game called Ore no Ketsu wo Namero!, which literally translates to “Lick My Ass.” It will initially be released in Japan on mobile and PC platforms in March of next year, followed by a Nintendo Switch version. Let’s hope a name change is put into effect if it ever gets localized.

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  1. Japan leave your kinky fetish out of the gaming universe, as much as I care about T and M rated game the title concerns me about what life the developers have

    1. Censorship Is If the government came In and forced a name change. I think if a company wants to appeal to different markets with changes than that’s their option. No need to politicize.

  2. I’d love to see this just sitting in the eShop haha. Though I have a hard time seeing it in the shop without a name change.

      1. I’m just waiting for some erotic game to make full use of the HD rumble and make a disclaimer saying something along the lines of, “never share the joy cons you use to play this game with a friend”.

  3. xD No, no! Leave the name alone! *continues laughing* They can just censor the name in the eShop for the West with asterisks! But once you download the game to your system, all bets are off! (Besides, they could always add a feature to Parental Controls that let parents censor specific words they don’t want their kid being exposed to.)

    1. (Sadly, it wouldn’t be the first time a game, anime, or manga had it’s name changed to avoid what it’s Japanese name means in other languages.)

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