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US: Nintendo Switch Is One Of The Most Popular Items This Black Friday Despite No Discount

There’s many discounts to had on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Black Friday but you will have noticed that there’s been a distinct lack of discounts on Nintendo Switch consoles. Despite this, the Nintendo Switch is proving to be one of the most sought after items this Black Friday according to Business Insider.



  1. ||Our will and determination is far beyond the pathetic discounts and cheap tactics the Xbots and Sonyans deploy every month by using their slaves to do it for them…||

    1. Discounts what discounts most of them were horrible Imo maybe botw and odyssey seal the deal for them as I saw a lot of them and along with bundle flying off shelf I mostly got the super Mario special edition controller got two of them with my switch now

      1. Walmart, Best Buy , and Gamestop All has some of the best game deals . There were people just after BoTW and or Odyssey . Just saying the discounted games at these retailers HELPED move sales .

    2. Well, people already decided they wanted a Switch and then went shopping for them on Black Friday. Even though it was Black Friday the price wasn’t relevant anymore from the start ;-)

  2. Well, look at how many more PS4’s and Xbox One’s sold than the Wii U during the eighth generation, despite the higher prices. Is it that surprising that a console with no discount would sell so great?

    Wait….we’re still in the PS4 and Xbox One era. Are we still in the eighth generation of consoles? Even with the release of the Switch? I can’t believe the PS4 was already out for over 4 years. It still feels new to me, since I didn’t buy one until the Uncharted 4 special edition. The thought of the PS5 possibly coming within only a year or two from now makes me cringe.

    1. MS is trying to get rid of generations.
      Sony probably will introduce PS5 to compete with xbonex sometime next year.

  3. A lot of people don’t know that it’s not on a discount. Wal-mart had the Switch set up for a special line, and when I asked the employees why it was like that with no discount, they were surprised that it wasn’t discounted. *shrugs* It obviously worked though

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