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Nintendo Switch Online Application Gets An Update

The official Nintendo Switch Online application has received a new update today, but before you get too excited it’s only use is to fix bugs that have been discovered in the application. Here’s the notes:

Nintendo Switch Online – Ver. 1.1.2

  • Release date: November 26th (North America) / November 27th (Europe, Japan)
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Download size: 6.9MB (Android) / ???MB (iOS)
  • Patch notes:
  • Implemented bug fixes
  • Additional notes: none.


Thanks to Tingle for the tip!


  1. That’s a pretty big update just for bug-fixes, hopefully there’s more to it than that. Maybe they’re getting ready to fix this app. I do hope so, as it doesn’t seem like they’re getting rid of it anytime soon…

  2. It’s strange that Pokken and Mario Kart aren’t featured in the app. It’s pretty much just the Splatoon app at this point

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