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IDC: Nintendo Is Almost Single-Handedly Driving The Hardware Market

IDC research director Lewis Ward has told Games Industry that the Nintendo Switch is absolutely dominating hardware in North America at this current time. He says that Nintendo is back with a vengeance with their latest console and it’s hard to disagree.

While we’re all still waiting on official data to come in from The NPD Group, analysts we chatted with stressed that Nintendo is definitely the story here, as it has been for much of 2017. In fact, according to IDC, Nintendo is almost single-handedly driving the hardware market with its Switch bundle sales.

“What I can say is that we shouldn’t lose the forest for the trees: The biggest story in the console space in 2017 is that Nintendo’s back with a vengeance. My research does imply that PS4 will nevertheless outsell Xbox One overall in North America in 4Q17 and for 2017 as a whole. I’m also expecting 4Q17 hardware bundle shipments to be up about 25% compared to 4Q16 in North America, and as I said, the big spike here is due to Nintendo’s rebound.”


38 thoughts on “IDC: Nintendo Is Almost Single-Handedly Driving The Hardware Market”

      1. Both of them haven’t even came close to reaching 100 million even the 3ds and especially the xbone. So try again.

      2. Learn to read sold 100 million consoles “TOGETHER” and where talking about home consoles not handhelds! 5 Billion people have a smart phone if you wanna talk about handheld consoles.

      3. Also since your not the brightest person in the room , xbox and sony are considerd the same type of console on this website so it’s fair to put there numbers together vs Nintendo who’s doing something different. That said I own every Nintendo console besides the Wii u and switch with hundreds of games , and probally played Nintendo before you where even born so i’m not trying , i’m just showing the numbers.

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  2. What really helps hardware sales and retailers here is Nintendo competing in a different space. We don’t need another console clone that would just siphon sales from the other consoles. People are buying the Switch in addition to other platforms, and even double dipping for multiple family members. That’s really good news for the industry.

  3. Bbbut it’s not the most powerful console evaaaaa….something’s wrong…how can a less than 1 tf system outsell a 6tf console???
    I need to investigate.

    My research is pretty conclusive. Apparently, people care about games. Who would have thought?

    1. Indeed people care about games thats why 100 million have bought a ps4 and xbox already over the past 4 years ;)

      I’m happy with the switch sales but people are so stupid over here.

    1. That would mean we basically get the portable system that is on par with the last gen (so as powerful as XB1 & PS4) with an additional gimmick (VR or AR) so yeah… I hope so

  4. If only the Switch was powerful enough to handle Rime, and other games like J-Stars Victory Vs., A Hat in Time, Cuphead, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Sonic Generations, Sonic 4: Episode II, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Ratchet & Clank (2016) (games that weren’t released on the Switch for various unsaid reasons).

    While the Switch/Nitendo consoles in general have a better library, this is just proof that there are more casuals who will buy a console with a gimmick and a 1-2 Switch attached to it, then there are hardcore gamers.

    1. Until Rime is coded better, no console is powerful enough to run it properly. Even the almighty ps4 doesn’t run it properly and looking at Rime, it’s not really the most demanding of games.
      Also most early adopters of Switch got it for Zelda as it basically had a 1:1 attach rate. 1,2 Switch was/is a gimmicky game but it’s not the reason people bought a Switch.

    2. did you just say 1-2 switch nobody likes that game it was dead on arrival, infact you shouldn’t even be allowed to use that word On this site, also I love the fact that you have to go the stereotype route on claiming the switch is for casuals your not evening using the term right for this type of console (side note 1-2 Switch wasn’t attach to the system infact you had to pay for it separate $60 to be exact , just more of a reason that your using B.S logic just to make it look like hardcore gamers aren’t buying a Nintendo system)

      1. I SUPPORT the Switch, but I also want the following games to come to the system:

        J-Stars Victory Vs., A Hat in Time, Cuphead, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Sonic Generations, Sonic 4: Episode II, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Ratchet & Clank (2016)

        1. That’s cool but that’s asking for a bit too much give it time, a hat in Time is still coming to switch but they say it will take some time the switch can’t spit out third party games from here to there let them figure out when games will launch first I was surprise when I heard wolfienstein and doom and la noire drop on along with sky rim please remeber this is the switch first year there are plenty of more years to go before it ends

    3. Most of those games are either unnecessary or exclusive. The N. Sane Trilogy and Ratchet & Clank are Sony exclusives. A Hat in Time was too far into development to make a Switch version (the Switch didn’t exist when it was funded). Sonic 4, Generations, and J-Stars are irrelevant at this point. Plus, Rime could run great on the Switch, but the port was likely rushed, or they didn’t know how to program on the Switch properly. If a big budget, hectic game like Doom can run well on the Switch, a relatively simple indie game certainly could. Also, as of September, Breath of the Wild has sold about 4x as much as 1-2 Switch. I don’t think 1-2 Switch is the game attracting anyone to the Switch…

    4. I believe Cuphead is Xbox exclusive and Ratchet and Clank is definitely a PS4 exclusive though I felt it or something like it would fit on a Nintendo console for sure! (Reminds me of Jet Force Gemini). All those other games are not out of the question it’s just up to the developers.

    5. If anything, I think you can argue that the Switch is doing so well because its targeting an older demographic with disposable income and a lot of Nintendo nostalgia, plus lot of gamer parents that don’t mind playing Mario Kart in the living room, but may not want their kids watching GTA. I fall into that camp, but I’m certainly not a “casual” (whatever that means). 1-2 Switch was a flop and will never be the next Wii Sports, because its not fun. Nintendo has seen that their success has come from record setting reviews on traditional games, and will continue to focus on that.

      1. A casual is someone who plays games purely for fun, and does not give a damn about review scores, gameplay, content, graphics, franchise history, franchise lore, freemium paywalls, real games vs licensed cashgrabs, fanbases, genre decline, and any company BS behind the scenes (like SEGA or FucKonami).

    6. @nintendroidblog you forgot to say that those 4yo cut their prices 4 times at least, to make 100 million sold :D

  5. Obviously having enticing 1st party software like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and great AAA 3rd party titles like Skyrim, DOOM and L.A. Noire has helped the Switch tremendously. It’s almost gonna be scary to see how more successful it will become once the new mainline Pokémon hits that system and if GTA V comes to it as well. It’s amazing how Nintendo rebounded so quickly from a failure like the Wii U to the world’s hottest system in the Nintendo Switch. Simply phenomenal

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  7. I remember when haters said the Wii and DS were ‘flukes’, and that Nintendo’s hardware was destined to sell less and less…

    … I wonder where they are now?

    Probably playing on their Switches.

  8. People in this topic are so funny , it’s fairly obvious that the switch will sell better when Sony for example already has 67.5 million worldwide sales with a 4 year old console. Most people that buy a xbox and ps already own one so no need to buy another one.

  9. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Believer by Imagine Dragons was apparently the right choice in music for their Nintendo Switch Official Reveal Trailer, after all. For the gamers that only play on Nintendo for whatever reason & Nintendo’s sake, I hope this momentum continues. So far, it’s definitely doing better than Wii right now. (Not when it comes to sales, of course. Switch has a long way to go to be better than Wii in that regard.)

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