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Splatoon 2 Artbook Reveals Both Pearl And Marina’s Age

The Splatoon 2 artbook launched this week and it’s full of fascinating images and information. Those who have purchased the book have found out that Pearl is 21 years old while Marina is 18 years old. Here’s an image showcasing that:





  1. Did they finally explain how can an Octoling live among Inklings and even be one of their idols? I was expecting the singleplayer campaign to explain that, but no luck.

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    1. My guess is that your average inkling is not aware of the war against the octarians, so they don’t really see octolings as enemies.


      1. That’s interetsing, but why Octolings generally live underneath then? I think they are in isolation because they were cast out of the surface by Inklings, so they surely must know at least something… I liked how in Splatoon 1 they invested into the backstory pretty well, but here in Splatoon 2 you have almost no sense of story and narrative except Callie and Marie, which is really shame…

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