Japan: Here’s Footage Of Super Nintendo World Construction

A lot of the Super Nintendo World news we’ve heard has come from interviews and articles. However, we are finally seeing some video footage of how construction progress has been going. YouTuber Yukendoit recently visited Universal Studios Japan to see how construction is going on, along with some other rides. So far, the parking lot has been torn up, but because construction is still early and things are not supposed to finish for a few years, that is all that has happened. For now, you can check out Yukendoit’s observations at Universal Studios down below, courtesy of a video he did.



      1. ||I thought that either you or shadowvegeta would recognise the sentence…||

  1. Couldnt give a fuck about FF coaster… Initially I thought they said it would be in Nintendo world and i was neooow! Good they keeping cloud away from Ninty!… The guy makes me laugh haha! I wanna go back how much is it to go there??? Hmmm

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