This Week’s Nintendo Minute Showed Off Some Holiday Goodies

The holiday season is here, so Kit and Krysta have gotten into the holiday spirit with the latest installment of Nintendo Minute. According to the pair in the video’s description, “we share with you a bunch of really cool holiday themed Nintendo goodies to help you get into the spirit. Also, we both started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp so for the next few videos, we’ll be sharing updates from our campsites with you”. The video is down below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. As long as first party and exclusive 3rd party Nintendo games on Nintendo’s platforms don’t implement Microtransactions (like some other triple A publishers we all know and hate) then I honestly could care less how predatory microtransactions in any mobile game are. Keep that greedy toxic MTX crap on mobile where it belongs, milking retarded casuals who are too stupid to manage their own finances!

  2. Best episode. I didn’t know there were so many Nintendo holiday items this year. Nintendo is going H.A.M.

    And glad I can watch their Animal Crossing progress as that’s what I’m currently playing.

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