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The Next Splatfests Have Been Announced For Europe & Japan

If you live in Japan or Europe and play Splatoon 2, there is some Splatfest news that you may be interested to know about. The themes for both Japan and Europe have been announced. In Japan, the battle is “UNIQLO Warm Inner Wear vs Warm Outer Wear”. In Europe, your Splatfest will be “Book Vs. Film”. You won’t have long to wait, as these Splatfests will begin on December 9th.

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  1. Ugh this Splatfest is going to be a tough choice, I don’t really enjoy many movies but I bet the book side will be filled to the brim with pseudo intellectuals who believe they’re smarter than anyone else.

  2. Our European one’s are very uninspired. How about a Christmas themed one for this time of year?

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