Mutant Mudds: Official Art And Design Works Paperback Now Available On Amazon

If you’re a fan of Mutant Mudds and especially fond of its art design then you may want to check out a new listing on Amazon. A Mutant Mudds: Official Art and Design Works paperback has popped up recently and it’s priced up at $29.99. The book contains a lot of content ranging from Sprite sheets to level artwork all from the talented and respected director, designer and artist Jools Watsham.

Mutant Mudds landed on the scene with a big splash in 2012, capturing the imagination of players both young and old with simple, fun, and challenging platforming gameplay. Today, Mutant Mudds can be found on eight different gaming platforms in both digital and physical formats, and has even spawned numerous spin-off games and cameo appearances in a variety of other publisher’s games. Mutant Mudds Official Art and Design Works dives deep into the creative side of the Mutant Mudds series for videogame enthusiasts to share in how each visual element of the games were pieced together. Sprite sheets, level art, UI, cutscenes, and much more are all beautifully displayed and accompanied with written descriptions and anecdotes from Mutant Mudds’ game director, designer, and artist Jools Watsham.

Grab yours here!


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