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Nintendo Family Fun Demo Day Will Be At 100+ Best Buy Stores This Sunday

Nintendo fans will want to visit a participating Best Buy store on Sunday, December 10th as the North American retailer will be holding a special Nintendo family fun demo day. There will be a variety of games to check out and also special prizes to be won. Check out the full details, below:

More than 100 Best Buy stores will celebrate Nintendo Family Fun Demo Day on Dec. 10. (Click here to find a store near you.)

From noon to 3 p.m. local time, you and your family can try out some of this holiday season’s hottest games. Play Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon on Nintendo 3DS, and score Nintendo prizes when you demo.

If you like what you try, know that now is a great time to bring home the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS for holiday gifts. Plus, you can snag great deal on select 3DS games, too —buy one 3DS game and get one 50 percent off.



    1. The Xbots seem to be either silent or abandoned ship and got on the Switch. Sony bots are doing the same, but some Sony bots seem to still be trashing the Switch and downplaying it. The end result looks like all will go into the light (Switch) eventually, which will lead to world domination, and Nintendo even stealing away a good chunk of Smartphone gamers at minimum. Still awaiting the two-prong attack, via the one-two punch of 4DS & Switch. Possible release of 4DS bei g November 2019 along with New 3DS Exclusive Pokémon game; Pokemon Rainbow. (Basically a Switch release with Zelda: Breathe of the Wild strategy).

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