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Raw Thrills Says That They Have Been Thinking Of Giving Cruis’n Blast Some Switch Connectivity

Cruis’n Blast has been out for a while, but that doesn’t mean that Raw Thrills is done with it. Raw Thrills CEO Eugene Jarvis recently spoke to Arcade Heroes, where Jarvis talked about Nintendo‘s involvement with the arcade game. Nintendo owns the Cruis’n license, and they have been very supportive of the brand. Jarvis says that “Nintendo loved the original Cruis’n USA so much that they commissioned it to be a launch title for N64. Cruis’n World and Exotica were also prominent titles for them, so they’ve been involved with the series IP forever. They were super excited that we wanted to do Cruis’n Blast, and helped us capture the true Cruis’n spirit of a fun adventure racer.”

As for the Switch, there are no plans for a port. Raw Thrills wants to keep it an arcade exclusive. However, Jarvis says that they have been thinking about some kind of connectivity with the console. Jarvis says that “being arcade guys, we really weren’t thinking about creating a home game. We wanted to make it the ultimate arcade driver – so its going to be an arcade exclusive – a special treat for arcade players only! We were thinking about using a Switch controller to activate hidden features in the arcade game. We’ll see what happens!”


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  1. I didn’t know this was a thing until I saw one at a local arcade. Didn’t get the chance to play it (I was just looking through) but it looks like a blast (no pun intended)!

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