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Here’s A New Pokemon The Movie 2018 Teaser Trailer

2018 is looking to be a good year for Pokemon fans, with a movie due to release in Japan on July 13th. Promotion for the movie has been going for a while now, but footage has been few and far between. That isn’t the case today, because a brand new teaser trailer has been uploaded to YouTube. One thing that stands out in the footage is that there seems to be a different art style. We’ve included it for you down below, so feel free to check it out. If you want to, let us know in the comments if you like this new direction in art style.


34 thoughts on “Here’s A New Pokemon The Movie 2018 Teaser Trailer”

      1. This is an Ash from an alternate universe, the recent movie was about him starting his journey in Kanto and he travels with trainers that aren’t Brock and Misty. The focus is on Ho-Oh but there’s also Marshadow, Idk I haven’t watched the movie.

  1. No thanks. Don’t even watch the anime anymore but rebooting it with the same character is completely stupid.

    On a different note, I gotta say ultra sun and ultra moon were actually good. I expected them to be boring rehashes with slight changes but they were actually quite different and very good, better story than sun/ moon even.

    1. Ultra Sun/Moon having to come out months after the original on the same “near dead” platform and that we already paid for those games thus having such disappointment over it is just not cool. This game could’ve waited for it’s Switch outing or just leave the lame ass 7th gen behind and not do that again with Gen 8 on Switch. I use to give 5th gen the same crap about what I experienced in this game but holy fuck. Now I’m thinking about dreading it’s waters cautiously with the next game which speaks a lot of how much Sun/Moon sucked.

    2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

      Agreed with the first paragraph. All these other Nintendo related products are changing things drastically yet the Pokemon anime can’t be bothered to reboot itself with a brand new character. *hasn’t played US/UM to have an opinion on that*

    1. It’s a reimaganing of the first movie from what I hear, just like how the most recent was a reimagining of Ash’s start of his journey. The Ash you see here is one from a universe that is different from the main anime.

      The alternate universe thing is also in the games, Zinnia in ORAS warns that if they send the meteorite through a wormhole that it will get send to another Hoenn where the war mentioned in Kalos never happened and there’s no megas, implying it’s the hoenn from RSE. There’s also Anabel in SM where I think it’s implied she’s from the RSE universe where the meteorite actually ended up destroying her world and she fell through an ultra wormhole before her demise. The villains in Rainbow Rocket all came from individual universes where they were successful in their plans and fell in a wormhole afterwards. Shit it nuts.

      1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

        They should get help from Marvel or DC. Those guys know how to do multiverses without it being a confusing mess of “Holy shit! What the fuck is going on here!?” lol

        1. Right, like I don’t even know where Alola is on the timeline or universe wise with Red and Blue clearly having aged to their early 20’s or 30’s, but Wally still remains a shrimp.

          1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

            Red & Blue were part of the story, though, while Wally was just a random person you could fight. GameFreak were most likely too cheap to actually give him a new design to show he had aged. Or Sun & Moon take place shortly after OR/AS.

            1. That’s really a huge problem because you have no resolution as to what’s going on here. Is it Gamefreak’s neglectfulness? Was ORAS bumped up in the timeline so that Hoenn no longer takes place in the beginning? Was Wally’s growth stunted, or is he a faller like Anabel? It doesn’t help that Gamefreak only talks about this stuff once in a blue moon and we’re left with a fucked over continuity when we don’t even know when stuff takes place in this “current universe”.

                  1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                    They referenced Twilight Princess so I think it’s safe to say the game takes place in the Hero of Time Succeeds Child Timeline. Ignore the fact the Koroks were in Wind Waker (which is in the Hero of Time Succeeds Adult Timeline) before BotW as that is most likely the true form of the Kokiri, anyway, as the form of children they take in Ocarina of Time was most likely so Link wouldn’t be out of place among them & could feel somewhat normal in spite of not having his own fairy.

                    1. I never really knew why people thought the Rito and Koroks were proof of the adult timeline being the placement for BoTW, there could be another reason with why they evolved with events that took place. I always thought that the fallen hero timeline made sense because BoTW seems like an apocalyptic world, a theme that seems to be centralized in that given timeline. Link also gets a tunic that matches the design to the Links exclusive to that timeline as well. Then there’s Ganon who seems to be entirely and lost all sense of his humanity, his humanity was present in the adult and child timeline, but the fallen timeline always depicted Ganon as a beast. Matpat also seemed to notice this since his theory focuses on these points, but he builds on others as well in support of the fallen timeline.

                      1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                        Actually, Ganon retained his humanity in the Hero of Time Fails timeline. The Oracle games are the exception because Twinrova was supposed to sacrifice Princess Zelda, someone with a pure heart, but they sacrificed themselves instead so the resurrection of Ganon was a failure, reviving him as a mindless beast instead. I guess it’s possible that damaged Ganon from that point forward as he could never be fully revived in that timeline again with his humanity & sentience intact. But that would conflict with Zelda pointing out that Calamity Ganon is basically what came when Ganondorf gave up on the power of reincarnation (she doesn’t say if he was human, Gerudo, whatever at the time) & gave into his malice & hatred for the world. He can’t do that if he was already a mindless beast. The only thing I can’t explain is the Tunic of the Wild set. Of course, that could just be another homage to the original Legend of Zelda game like half the other stuff in the game. There is the theory that somehow the 3 separate timelines somehow merged back into one, single timeline during the 10,000 years between the 100 years before BotW & the first time Calamity Ganon appeared. If the timelines did merge back into one, I want to assume it was actually because of Calamity Ganon’s first appearance. Maybe he gained the name Calamity Ganon because he had actually destroyed two of the extra timelines. Possibly even absorbing the mindless Ganon of the HoT fails timeline & the stoned Ganondorf of the HoT succeeds adult timeline. Those two timelines could have possibly had survivors who fled to the timeline that wasn’t destroyed yet & that is how the Rito got into the timeline they didn’t exist in. It could also explain why the Koroks were more numerous in BotW than past games as they were composed of the Koroks from all three timelines. Thanks to Link Between Worlds, we do know that it is possible for the world to be destroyed if the Triforce is destroyed since Lorule was slowly dying because they had destroyed their Triforce sometime before the events of LBW as they felt destroying it would put an end to the wars in their world, not realizing that destroying it meant killing their world. It’s possible LBW was made to foreshadow the destruction of two of the timelines in preparation of Breath of the Wild.

                      2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

                        Hm. I should have broken that comment up into two paragraphs instead of one giant paragraph.

    2. And on e3 they will announce ne mainline game called Pokemon The Movie The Game for Switch.
      It will be 90% cut scenes and 10% qte Pokemon battles.
      That might actually be the only thing they could do to fuck up the Switch.

      1. That’s the problem, he shouldn’t look ten at this point and rebooting it while removing two of my other favorite character we grew up with since the 90s is fucked up. Now we gotta accept these two new “IDGAF” has-beens that we don’t know shit about. I swear to God, I think this series is now starting to lose a lot of it’s steam. The only way this series can be saved for a while is finally making an MMO Pokemon game with all regions, challenges, tons of NPCs, side-quests, full real-time online interaction, Pokken-like battle system and more. The one thing all Pokemon fans have always dreamed of playing and owning. Oh and have the Pokemon Dex limit to 1,000 and remove Mega Evolutions from legendaries and give them a slight nerf in power boost while negating abilities during use.

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