Nintendo Switch

Nintendo UK Shows Off The Many Coloured Variety Of Switch Joy-Cons

There’s a tonne of different coloured Joy-Con combinations you can have on the Nintendo Switch, if you are prepared to lay down some hard cash. Nintendo UK has showcased a variety of them in the video below. What’s your favourite?



      1. Trust me. I re-watched the Nintendo Minute video and it seems that the dark blue color it’s true.


      2. Or the next one, or the next, or the one after that.. I guess eventually there might be one right?

        Seriously, think logically where is the Neon blue set if that row is dark??
        Nintendo’s NoA HQ employee store isn’t that special. They have some exclusive merch, but controllers aren’t part of that exclusivity. Such a limitation wouldn’t make sense manufacturing-wise either.


  1. NoA needs to release the Neon Green & Pink Joy-Con pack in the States. GameStop doesn’t have it & Amazon is only selling imports of it. I wonder how much Nintendo UK Store charges for over-seas shipments because Amazon is asking for over 90 bucks for it. (Screw that.)


  2. I just want LA laker color themed joy cons!!!! I dream of purp and yellow on my switch. Seems they have the yellow one now just need the purPle


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