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Rocket League For Nintendo Switch Getting Performance Patch Today

Rocket League has been a huge success on the Nintendo Switch judging from the eShop charts. A few people who purchase it were slightly concerned about the performance of the game on the platform. Today, the developers behind Rocket League have announced on Twitter that a performance related patch is dropping today.

10 thoughts on “Rocket League For Nintendo Switch Getting Performance Patch Today”

    1. Still looks like a pixel garbage shit on specific scenarios. and is far far more low than 720p. Im talking about specific scenario not solo. If you go split screen on Exhibition match specific at Starbase Arc on soccar mode Dock mode ofc you can see how shit it is.EVEN when you presh just the start button you can see the resolution going 720p and when you presh again to go back to the match you can easy detect with your own eyes how the resolution is dropping like HELL.
      And this is coming with other stages too. they should fix it. because other stages are just right and perfect.

    1. Seriously, Metroid Prime from 2002 looks and runs far superior on an inferior tech. This port of Rocket League is embarrassing to itself, the devs and the system for it which is far more capable than that for a 4v4 multiplayer soccer game.

        1. I’m comparing hardware/graphical achievements that’s more demanding 15 years ago than the other. Port or not, Rocket League on Switch is one of those testaments of lazy development jobs.

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  3. All I gotta say is MK8 Deluxe has 12 cars, 12 characters, full race course with stuff happening and stuff blowing up all over the place with additional characters on some stages and it keeps a rock solid 60fps at 1080p. I honestly don’t wiry to much about resolution but I do scratch my head when seemingly more demanding games run better than games which on the surface appear less demanding..

    I’m no programmer though so who knows what makes RL so demanding as textures even have to fill in on PS4 before every match…

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