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Aonuma Confirms That The Team Are Hard At Work On Next Zelda Title

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that the team are busy developing the next instalment in the majestic The Legend of Zelda series. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone now that the Breath of the Wild DLC is out of the way. There’s no word on when we can expect any details to trickle through.


  1. Yesssssssss, Imagine Botw with classic Zelda elements. Old school dungeons + puzzles, new weapons (hook shot this time around?), deeper plot… all in an open world environment. Botw is probably on my top 5, a masterpiece… but it can always be better

    1. Somewhere they spoke a lot about how they kept trying hard to put the hookshot in but could never make it work without completely changing their vision of the gameplay and climbing elements. But I think most of us would like to see a return to the classic dungeon elements.

  2. I hope they don’t rush it, though. I don’t want the series turning into one of those generic ones getting a new title every 1-2 years. 3D Zeldas usually have a fair few years between them. I hope they get the time to work on this for at least a solid 3 years. Then again, Aonuma was also the producer for A Link Between Worlds, so maybe they’re doing a top-down Zelda next! I’d love to get one of those within the next couple of years.

    1. Every big console one pretty much releases once a generation, or two with the second at the very end and also ported to the next gen. So basically once every 5 years or so

    1. To be fair, they never said this would be on Switch. They revealed they were working on “Zelda Wii U” right after Skyward Sword was released during the Wii’s lifespan, but as we know Breath of the Wild didn’t even come out until the Switch had already replaced the Wii U.

  3. Personally, after suce a sprawling oversized, outside-the-box Zelda game. A 2D 8 to 11 dungeon classic Zelda game would be a nice change. Maybe they could outsource that game while making the next Zelda Massively Single Player Role Playing Game.

  4. Like, now? Wow. This must be good if they are working on it the year of a different Zelda game. Or maybe it will be a small, side scroller, Zelda game, that comes out next year

  5. I think we might get a another top down Zelda. I loved the link between worlds. Prob my favourite 3ds game.
    With regards to the main console versions of Zelda, I would very much expect these are constantly worked on. New ones released, but same time works happening for the next, and ongoing.

  6. A fusion of BotW & the elements of previous 3D Zelda games would be great. They could always reuse the Hyrule from BotW to shorten development time & just add new things to the world. After the defeat of Calamity Ganon, I’d imagine there is gonna be a lot of rebuilding to Hyrule. Maybe we could even be involved in the reconstruction of Hyrule & clear out cave systems which would allow the building of new temples. Of course, that would involve a very deep story & I’m not sure Nintendo is quite up to that task. Hm. I guess they could always get a good writer from other more story driven games to help with the story. Who did the story for Majora’s Mask & Skyward Sword? Those games were brilliant with the story telling.

    1. As long as it’s not as bland as Twilight Princess was in the color department, I’d be okay with a return to a realistic art style. Otherwise, I’d rather stick with the art style Skyward Sword created & BotW improved upon.

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