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10tons Says That They Have “Wanted To Be On A Nintendo Platform For Years”

10tons is the dev team behind Nintendo Switch eShop games like King Oddball, JYDGE, Tennis in the Face and Time Recoil. The team has been able to enjoy plenty of success on the console, even as the eShop’s library has grown. Well, NintendoLife recently talked to Jaako Maaneimi, who handles “PR, distribution, and sometimes a bit of game design stuff at 10tons”. In it, they talked about their success on the Switch, as well as how they first learned about the console. It turns out that the team have wanted to be on a Nintendo platform for years. Here’s what they said about the matter:

Looking back a little, what was your exposure to the rumours of the NX?  

We heard all the public rumors everyone else did, and practically nothing more. But the rumors alone, followed by the official unveiling, made it clear for us that this’d be the platform we’d be making our Nintendo debut with, something we’ve been dreaming of for years. It was only natural after having settled in with Sony and Microsoft, and we couldn’t have been happier to learn that the Switch would be an exact fit for our titles; touch screen, gamepads, mobile, console, plenty of power.

We’d wanted to be on a Nintendo platform for years, but the earlier platforms like Wii U and 3DS were problematic due to unique hardware features. We prefer to have our games as identical on all platforms as possible.


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