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Japan: Nintendo Switch First Year Sales Close To Overtaking PS2 First Year Sales

Nintendo has been enjoying a year of success with the Nintendo Switch that launched worldwide in March. Developers, the Press and, most importantly, the fans have all publicly praised Nintendo’s latest console and it looks like Japan is no exception. Sales are so strong that figures indicate that the Switch is about to overtake the PS2 in terms of first-year sales in the territory. The news comes from SwitchSoku who obtain their figures from Famitsu.

In the launch year up until December 17, PS2 total sales sat at 3,016,622 Units. This is in comparison to 2,988,399 Nintendo Switch units being sold in the same time frame. Sales of the PS2 seemed to of slowed considerably as the year came to a close whereas the Nintendo Switch’s momentum has done exactly the opposite.

You can check out the full monthly figure breakdown here.

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28 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Switch First Year Sales Close To Overtaking PS2 First Year Sales”

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    1. Now you know that shtick is getting old.

      Just kidding. Those “other fanbous” have been doing that crap since Sega left the console market. RIP Nintendo can’t wait to play Uncharted on my 3DO

      1. It was also on the market with constant stock refresh for over 100 years. Not only that, but it broke down often, and got replaced easily because of the year 1 price drop.

        Theres a reason why the PS2 sold that well, and its games arent the only reason.

      1. The problem with that logic is that the casual market that ate up the Wii arent eating up the switch. Its a different audience and you can tell by the attach rate. I hope the switch succeeds, and something other than a media console holds the title.

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