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Klonoa Movie Producer Provides Update

We heard a while back ago that Klonoa is set to have its own movie but we’ve been kept in the dark from sometime regarding further details on the project. The movie’s producer Rob Pereyda has given us the following update on what’s happening:

Finally, on this day of the Klonoa 20th Anniversary, we’re in a position to get to work on finance and distribution partnerships. Animation development is a long, long road, but being in the right position with the director, anime studio, script, and other talent that’s just right is what will give this special series the special film it needs.


14 thoughts on “Klonoa Movie Producer Provides Update”

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    1. Sorry, hit the submit by accident.

      Making a movie about fucking falling pieces of bricks sounds even dumber than the Emoji movie and they’re considering a fucking trilogy…this is where I would punch all Hollywood executives in the face for their stupidity on ideas like this. Tetris never has a plot or characters. HTF is that gonna work as a movie? Oh let me guess…this is the same moron who directed Mario Bros. movie right?

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