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Here’s The Mighty Gunvolt Burst Version 1.3 Trailer

Mighty Gunvolt Burst has gotten a major update, but that’s not all. Three new DLC characters are now available to download in the Nintendo 3DS and Switch eShop for $1.99 each. Ray, Copen and Kurona all bring their own unique abilities to the game, so don’t be surprised if you rack up more hours of gameplay. As for the game itself, Inti Crate will be having a New Year’s sale for both its 3DS and Switch titles, including Mighty Gunvolt Burst, starting January 1st. So, if you don’t have this game yet, there’s a good opportunity coming up to do so. The new content came with a new trailer, so you can check that out down below.




  1. Wow, 4-bit terrible sound. Even if graphics are tolerable that does not mean we have to hurt our ears with noise.
    I’ve already been there thirty years ago, but it was the best technology can achieve, not the target. Hard skip.
    Anyway pretty generic.


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