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Here’s The Last Nintendo Minute Episode Of 2017

Kit and Krysta are back for one more installment of Nintendo Minute before the new year arrives. In this week’s episode, the pair decide to make their 2018 gaming resolutions. They say in the video’s description that “at the very beginning of this year, we made some gaming resolutions that we’re going to take a look back on now. We also have some new resolutions for 2018”. The duo also announce that they will be taking a break from Nintendo Minute episodes. However, they will be back with more in mid-January, so the hiatus won’t be for very long. If you want to check out the video, we’ve included it down below.



  1. I would like to play with them to see if they are good at some Nintendo games. Who knows, they may destroy me in a Pokémon game.

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