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Enter The Gungeon Sold Over 75,000 Copies On Switch In 2 Weeks

Regardless of whether you’re Nintendo, a third-party company or an indie developer, you will more than likely experience some form of success on the Nintendo’s new console. One of the many indie developers seeing success on the Switch is Dodge Roll Games. They are the team behind Enter the Gungeon, which released on the Nintendo Switch a couple of weeks ago. Well, the team have announced on Twitter that the game has sold “over 75,000 copies on Nintendo Switch in just two weeks, surpassing all expectations”. We’ve included the tweet that confirmed this down below.



  1. SSF1991 For some reason the Japan Top 30 Ranked Switch Games isn’t possible to enter. Will you check when you have time?

      1. The article I wrote? That is because it was removed. Turns out that, even though I had checked to see if it had been already written, I had written a double post. =(

  2. So they made roughly half a million. Definitely enough to cover development expenses and live a life. Happy for them.
    The game looks decent. If cheap indies do sell like this I understand the explosion of this ‘genre’. Look like the good old Amiga time, but here it seems that development is even cheaper and profits far higher. What these games lacks is art and a complete development freedom. I don’t see visionary games like Captain Blood unfortunately. For the younger audience I see the necessity to find something more open than the same action platforms, crawlers, etc.

  3. I’m one of those 75k. Great game. I love twin stick shooters and the co-op feature is great. No exaggeration this ga me has like 150 to 200 guns and around 100 to 150 specialty items. Great controls and no hand holding, it can get tough.

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