Nintendo Switch

US: Nintendo Switch Was The Fifth Best-Selling Tech Product In 2017

USA Today is reporting that the Nintendo Switch was the fifth best-selling technology product of 2017. Once again it was Apple’s iPhone which topped the chart by a huge margin, it was followed by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 smartphones, Amazon Echo Dot, Apple Watch and the Nintendo Switch.





      1. Second reply to: @cronotose (the first reply is on the bottom by the way). They won’t take away the 2D Donkey Kong just because a new 3D DK got released.


      2. ” They won’t take away the 2D Donkey Kong just because a new 3D DK got released.”

        Not sure why you say that with confidence. It was 8 years after Super Mario 64 before they gave us another 2D Mario,and they still haven’t put serious effort into one now at 21 years. While I certainly agree with you that 2D and 3D can coexist, I don’t think Nintendo feels this way. In my opinion, they’ve been trying to find a way to get the 3D games to swallow the 2D audience ever since the Nintendo 64 so they can stop making the 2D games which they clearly don’t have much interest in designing.


  1. Weird numbers. As far as I’m informed the PS4 sold more units this year and the Switch reached 3.3 million units sold in japan this xmas, which is actually accounting for 25% of all Switch purchases. 3.3 million multiplied with four equals 13,2 million consoles sold.


    1. It’s holiday season…. The 10m sales, if I remember right, only took into account November sales and early December days.
      I think if you add the Christmas and New Year sales, it should be in line with the numbers you are seeing now… Though I also think it’s an estimate but the Switch shouldn’t be too far off from this at this point.

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  2. Reply to: @cronotose. I hope they give us both 2D and 3D Donkey Kong. I will like a 2D that surpass Country 2 and a 3D because it has been almost 20 years since DK 64. I think both can coexist like 3D and 2D Mario but yes you’re right. We a decent 2D Mario that rivals Bros 3 and World (I had reply here because there was no reply button in your reply to me).


  3. I hope people realize that this is a guesstimation from an analyst on what he believes these companies will sell (worldwide) for the year of 2017. Yes the article is from USA today, but the Analyst has “inside” information from a market research group. It doesnt mean that Nintendo sold 15mil already.


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