NieR: Automata Director Praises Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Yoko Taro, NieR: Automata’s director, recently took part in an interview conducted by 4Gamer where he praised Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game for mobile. When asked which game that was released in 2017 that most impressed him, Taro went on to explain that AC: Pocket Camp is “amazing” and whilst it’s missing features from a fully fledged 3DS version, he “can’t get enough of the gentle characters”. Here is the full portion of the interview below.

Of the games released in 2017, which title were you most impressed (or shocked) by?

Title: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Yoko Taro: I’ve been telling everyone, but Animal Crossing’s latest title on smartphone is amazing. It is missing various functions from the 3DS version, but to make up for it, the framework is made for a social game and I can’t get enough of the gentle characters. As I level higher, the number of offerings the animals demand casually keeps increasing, so I think the sense of fear that comes from wondering “If these animals’ requests become extreme then what will they demand from me!?” is part of its good spice. I’m already trembling while waiting for the moment I lose myself and become impoverished in the social game world that never ends.

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      1. “Sure, I’ll visit your campsite. But first I’m going to need you to build some furniture for me, even though you’ll probably never want to put any of it in your campsite. So come talk to me again once you’ve done what I told you to do.”

        – Every villager in ACPC in a nutshell

  1. Is he high? … Okay. I’m gonna pretend I didn’t read all of that. *takes two steps back & sinks back into the darkness*

      1. Just passing through. Figured I’d drop by & say hiya before moseying over to my own little personal section of the Darkness.

        1. Why thank you! Being normal is boring so I take being called weird a compliment. :D

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