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Nintendo Says Switch Represents An Amazing Advantage Over Smartphones

IGN recently had the opportunity to chat with Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning and Development Division general manager, and Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer of Super Mario Odyssey. Koizumi explained to the publication the advantages of the Nintendo Switch over the dominance of smartphone gaming.

“Just to add a little bit to this idea of how people viewing smartphones as an influence on the future of portable gaming, I certainly wanted to see all the possibilities of having controllers that could be separated from the hardware, so that you could be able to hand one to another person in a variety of different environments,” Koizumi added. “I think that really represents an amazing advantage over smartphones. That was something that we had focused on very clearly as something we could achieve to reach that distinction.”


21 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Switch Represents An Amazing Advantage Over Smartphones”

  1. The Switch is perfect for me. I don’t care at all for mobile games (the ones that Nintendo put out are okay but didn’t hold my interest for very long). I’m busy all the time and seem to never have time for gaming. What I love about the Switch is I can take a full console game that I’m engrossed in and play it anywhere that I go. Mobile phone gaming can’t do that for me.

      1. You misunderstand my point. The Switch can bring full fledged console experiences on the go where as my mobile phone can’t do it, at least not at the same quality that the Switch can. Who would want to play Skyrim on a touch screen where as with the Switch at least I can have a decent controller experience.

      1. Not much a fan of the cell phone gaming fad, I’m old school and need a controller :].

        Yeah I’m excited to hear what they have planned next too, but BotW is going to keep me busy for a looong time.

        I bet I’ve probably made the least amount of progress of all the people here that play it.


      1. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

        I just hope Nintendo doesn’t get too greedy and start adding micro transactions to games

        1. They won’t because they’re using Amiibos which should die already or have a game that you can scan and play with them for once and before you say it, Smash Bros. 4 doesn’t count. It’s a fucking cosmetic AI that behaves exactly like the past games AI settings.

  2. Just having a real controller attached single player, plus having real home-console experiences on a handheld sells it for me. The multiplayer is a fun addition, but we’ve only used it a few times on trips.

  3. Wireless multilayer is the systems best feature for me. At first I didn’t think I’d use the portability of the system, I just love Nintendo games and always buy their consoles. Since I got it I don’t leave home with out it,especially work where 5 of my coworkers also own one. We play on breaks, lunch and when work finishes early. More games need to incorporate the wireless multilayer like Mario kart and Splatoon 2. We were going to get Doom until we found out it only supports online multiplayer.

    Also, Smartphone games suck.

    1. I just wish Nintendo kept the Streetpass feature from the 3DS for enticing the portable experience some more. As for the home console aspect, as long as they bring on the browser, chat system, cloud/backup and apps for streaming and even drawing for those with a nack for arts, then it’ll be a complete machine that not even the most powerful PC or PC wannabes would compete. XD

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