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A Team Of Hackers Have Switch Custom Firmware Coming That Will Work On All Switch Versions

Nintendo won’t be happy about this, but hackers keep making significant progress towards custom firmware and homebrew being available on the Nintendo Switch. For example, a group of hackers known as Team-Xecuter have confirmed today that some Switch custom firmware will be coming to the console in 2018. It will work on all Switch versions, and it will also be future-proof. The team did not say if it was a soft or hard mod. Whether it is a soft mod or not, piracy on the Switch may be a reality much sooner than you think. It all depends on what Nintendo will do, if they do anything at all.


47 thoughts on “A Team Of Hackers Have Switch Custom Firmware Coming That Will Work On All Switch Versions”

  1. Woo now we can have custom model mods for Smash Bros 5!

    Not everyone who wants to mod stuff wants to pirate stuff too.

    1. But a large amount of people do piracy. Super Mario Galaxy 2 was pirated over 2 milion times in 2 years. Also these games like Botw and Mario Odyssey had hard work out into them and to see them just get pirated doesn’t help anyone.

      1. But infinite durability and no cheap deaths make BotW less-frustrating (especially when there are no other current LOZ titles, and the next game is planning to do the exact same thing). Skyrim/Dark Souls Zelda is here to stay until further notice (years later).

      2. It was 1.28 million downloads actually. Personally I just care about emulators on the Switch if Nintendo is gonna continue to be this frustrating when it comes to being vague about Virtual Console plans.

  2. Will you stop promoting what hackers do? Promoting hackers is not healthy news. Would you like me to have an article about how I can break in your house?

    1. Well for starters, they aren’t promoting “hackers”. There’s nothing about their stance on the matter. They don’t have any information about how they’re doing this. They’re just reporting that hackers are hacking the Switch. It’s news. Can’t be all kitties and rainbows. Responsible news outlets have to report favorable AND unfavorable stories, because information cannot be one-sided.

      Plus, people need to see that Nintendo’s hardware is exploitable so Nintendo themselves can be aware of the situation and possibly do something to fix it. We should know the weaknesses of the companies we support and what efforts they’re going to take to correct matters that could affect us and the industry as a whole.

      1. For all the wonderful explanations you give in the end there is only one truth. Writing continuously about hackers it simply means promoting them.

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          So by your logic, news stations are promoting terrorism, too, when they report on terrorist attacks. You can’t say this site is promoting hacking then turn around & say the opposite when a news station like Fox News or CNN reports on something like that. One being worse than the other changes nothing.

    2. We do not promote hacking, we merely report on the issue. We’re a news site for Nintendo and, if anything, it brings it more to Nintendo’s attention.

  3. Like, I want the switch to be hacked really badly but in like 5 years or six. At the end of its life cycle. I just don’t want piracy

      1. Its through the actual tegra chip, at least thats what Ive read from a article a few days ago.


        As with most consoles, the Nintendo Switch is heavily locked down so that only approved software can run on the system. However, at the recent 34C3 hacking conference in Germany, three hackers known as Plutoo, Derrek, and Naehrwert demonstrated how they managed to access the console’s kernel via the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip. The hackers were helped by the sheer amount of documentation available on the Tegra X1, which shows hardware tinkerers how to bypass the System Memory Management Unit.

  4. Nintendo should stop fighting them, and just offer them permanent jobs as programmers who program new firmware and patches problems in the Switch’s security. You know hire them to make the Switch’s firmware more secure.

      1. By bringing in piracy, which will in turn scare away 3rd parties, causing a premature death for the Switch. The nice things we can’t have would then be 3rd party support.

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          The prospect of piracy isn’t going to chase them away. It’s not like the other systems are immune to piracy, after all.

  5. Lol this is good, but I won’t be hacking a switch untill I could buy another one which will be like next year don’t worry I won’t pirate I rather play with mods thank goodness I have physical game, it’s just I’m only doing this so I can avoid a hard ban from Nintendo

    1. my friend has two switches one he found with arms in and one he got for xmas this year so there’s a high chance he will mod the one. I still have yet to buy a console as the 30 years i’ve been alive i have never once played a videogame i’ve only played the D&D boardgames

        1. I got my first Console today a snes mini although I haven’t taken it out the box yet. my friend modded it with 50 games
          so i’ll have plenty to play.

    1. Why “good luck”? I mean, 32GB+ is quite big compared to the 4MB SNES roms of old, but internet connections got faster since the 90s and people have been pirating 50GB+ PC games for years. It just means you need to wait a few hours longer and get a bigger HDD for your free games.

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  7. Was bound to happen. That is what happens when your system is less complicated and uses older tech. It happened to the Dreamcast and The Wii… this was bound to happen sooner rather than later. I just wonder if there will be fully cloned systems in a couple of years.

  8. Let’s face facts – whichever way we look at it, this is going to be used for piracy, be it new games for the system or retro games, why does Virtual Console support matter so much? Why are people paying £260+ to play SNES and GC games?

  9. People defending this are the fucking worse, they are so self-centered they rather have piracy and hackers running rampant just to play horrible homebrew applications on the Switch and Emulators.

  10. Off topic but in Pokémon Ultra Moon I’m really annoyed with rotom talking every time I check my pokemon, use poke pelago, use pokedex or when I use the PC to change my pokemon. I can’t even use my map until the stupid rotom finish talking and 90% of the time is about things I already know. They put an option to ask questions to rotom or an option to turn rotom hints off.

  11. Nintendo just need to make it attractive to just buy and download games from them, like cheap Virtual Console or have a pass that gives you a lot of titles. If they’re going to take 5-10 bucks for each VC-title (AGAIN) they’re bound to have a hard time against those pirates… Mmmyeah..? How does pirates look like nowadays?

  12. Blah. I don’t have a problem with harmless mods (example: Smash 4 mods). But once you start pirating games, you’re a scumbag. Making games is hard work. Self-entitled ass-hats thinks it’s their privilege to play whatever they want, for “reasons”. Nah, you’re just scum with selfish, pitiful excuses. Same goes for all the CEMU players of BotW who didn’t even buy the game, or own a necessary system to play it.

  13. I just want Mario Kart Wii on my Switch, is that too much to ask? XD
    Really though, I don’t exactly condone piracy at all (although I have Dolphin Emulator with lots of games that I may or may not own). Hopefully this doesn’t have any major effects on the whole of the Nintendo Switch community. I really hope this console can flourish without the help (or strain, depending on your viewpoint) of hacking and modding. I do appreciate that you are making this a known topic. Hopefully Nintendo has some way to counteract these people. I mean, Smash 4 Wii U with custom models and textures is cool and all, but I really like it when people are just satisfied with what Nintendo has spent so long working on. I mean, courtesy and all…

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