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Natsume Reconfirms Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope For Switch To Be Released Early This Year Both Physical And Download

Natsume has sent out a New Year’s message to fans on Facebook thanking them for their support and also providing an update regarding what they have in store for the franchise this year. The company reconfirmed that Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope for the Nintendo Switch will be released early this year and you’ll be able to purchase it both physically or alternatively download on the Switch eShop.



  1. When Marvelous! stopped having them localize the Bokujō Monogatari series & had their in-house studio XSeed do it instead, Harvest Moon has been selling on the name alone these days. No telling how long that will keep Natsume’s “Harvest Moon” afloat. If this game is any indication, Natsume might as well just give up now.

    1. *is any indication of the future of this series, Natsume might as well just give up now.

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