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Brawl Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch On January 12th

We have known for months that Brawl would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but we didn’t know exactly when that would be the case. Well, Nintendo of America’s official page for Brawl now has the game slated for a January 12th release. We can also see that you will be able to buy the game for $9.99. Although it is unlikely, if there’s any changes in the release date, we’ll let you know.



  1. OMG!!! We are getting Super Smash-*clicks link for more information* Well, s***! It’s another one of those games with an intriguing name thats not the actual game itself. I feel like Nintendo is trolling us once again with the fake Smash Bros-style titles. Ah well, wait another freaking 3 years for a Smash Bros. on Switch.

    Hopefully a Smash Bros. announcement is on the horizon.

    1. It’s not a clickbait title. This is precisely what the game is called.

      I completely understand why people got confused. Its official name is very awkward considering Smash Bros. Brawl is a thing, but we had nothing to do with it.

      1. You know, when I worked at Gamestop I always joked with the other employees that I was going to start my own Publishing company and make games designed exclusively around how GS stocks games on shelves, and how most people don’t pay attention to what they’re buying. I had a pretty broad range of ideas.

        Mad Den, with a picture of a football player on the cover. Game is a 2d sidescrolling beat ’em up where the final boss is a football player.

        The Legend of Helga

        Super Smoosh bros.

        Assassin’s Crud, a housekeeping game where you play an assassin having to do his spring cleaning.

        Cowl of Duty

        I guess you can tell Gamestop is pretty dead during the day on weekdays.

  2. I swear to God, I thought it said it was gonna be Smash Bros. Brawl. I would’ve flipped out. Instead, it’s a Bomberman ripoff.

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