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Japan: Nintendo Switch Games Are Reportedly Suffering From Shortages

The Nintendo Switch has emerged as the dominant gaming platform in Japan and because of this it now seems as though it’s extremely hard for consumers to purchase the games they want. This includes both physical and digital copies from retailers such as Amazon. A lot of the major titles for the platform including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are backordered at the moment. Let’s hope that stock can be replenished quickly for Japanese gamers.

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    1. It’s a good thing the switch is region free other wise Nintendo would/potentially have trouble producing 3 regions worth of games. (All they gotta do now is print certain gamecase covers and stickers that go on the cartridges)

          1. ||You have to do better than that Xbot, bring up something that actually catches my attention even remotely…||

    1. “at least the xbox gets Monster Hunter World :^)”

      Really? Well that’s nice for them. A consolation prize for being the least relevant platform in the business.

      1. “What is the NES/SNES Mini”

        From Nintendo’s perspective? A promotional tool to drive interest in their more current products. Really though, which do you think they were more worried about getting factories to work on, the Switch or a standalone machine that doesn’t get license fees for new games?

        Since the Switch launched, people were saying with no evidence that the shortages were artificially created by Nintendo. Nintendo responded by saying they were building stock for Christmas. Sure enough, Switches were in stock everywhere at Christmas.

    1. You see it sometimes with PC games. Digital vendors are given a set number of keys to distribute and if they run out they have to request more. They’ll get restocked quickly.

  1. This digital shortage thing is redicolous.
    It’s like the ocean running out of salt and then waiting for it to get salty again.

    1. Everyone should remember that not every store is Gamestop who is set up to just print game codes on the receipt. Go to Target. Walk to the game section. Look at how digital games are sold. Little cards on the shelves that look like gift cards. Those physical items that represent a digital purchase don’t magically replenish themselves.

      1. “But if your gona download a game why not just do it from the eshop”

        1. It’s a gift.

        2. You’re a kid and your parents don’t want you buying things online with their credit card.

        3. You’re at a physical store already.

    2. Because some people prefer to not add money to their accounts. And adding funds from a Eshop card to then buy the game gets ridiculous because you then need a card that ultimately leaves you with money in your account that you cant do much with. Its easier to buy a code.

    1. No credit cards, or trust in the network. I personally stopped using my CC on the PSN after that year they kept getting ddos. I have my paypal account connected to it though.

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