Nintendo Switch

Video: Here’s The First Look At Rainway

Streaming application, Rainway, has provided a glimpse of what we can expect when the product launches. For those unaware, Rainway allows you to stream any of your games from your PC to a portable device. You can even use the Nintendo Switch with it. We apologise for inadvertently posting that the Switch had disappeared from the official Rainway site. The rumour, which generated on other sites, and Twitter, was actually false. Rainway is still working with Nintendo. Anyway have a watch, below!



    1. Rainway wouldn’t have aired the trailer with the Switch being used with the app if it wasn’t gonna be on there. Most likely it’ll come to the Switch soon just maybe not at launch


      1. With the Rainway app on Switch, people won’t have to wait for Overwatch to get ported to Switch as they can just use Rainway to play the PC version of Overwatch on Switch. So I’m assuming Reaver owns the game on his PC.


      2. And what if those don’t have Overwatch on Switch? Which BTW, still isn’t available for Steam and what if your PC isn’t adequate enough to run it or there’s no internet connection? This is bullshit.


      3. Like I told the other guy, there’s a few factor they overlooked: Lack of Internet, no Steam version, app’s stability and not having a PC at all or an adequate one to run the game. I rather just have the port and call it a day.


    1. Rumors are treated as news by lots of tabloids, magazines, etc. Least MNN actually puts Rumor at the beginning of their article’s title if it’s a rumor. Can National Enquirer, for example, claim the same? That magazine is nothing but rumors & speculation.


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