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A Senior Analyst At SMBC Nikko Is Predicting Pokemon, Smash Bros. & Animal Crossing Switch News Around March

Today has been a busy day for Nintendo, with a Nintendo Direct Mini taking place and new games being announced for the Nintendo Switch. However, fans have been particularly curious about Switch news for Pokemon and Animal Crossing, as well as a possible Smash Bros. Switch announcement. None of these showed up in the Nintendo Direct Mini, but if you’ve felt disappointed because of this, there may still be hope that these will happen. Eiji Maeda is a Senior Analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities Inc., and Maeda has made a pretty big prediction today. Maeda thinks that will we hear Switch announcements for Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Smash Bros. around March.



    1. lmao, of course it didn’t show. It was an unannounced MINI Direct. It should have been pretty obvious that Nintendo wouldn’t show any of their own big hitters in it. Expecting anything like Pokemon or Smash during the Mini Direct was the most foolish thing you could have done going into it.

        1. I mean when you come in with high expectations you’re gonna end up disappointing yourself. We don’t have any release info on Pokémon and it’s one of Nintendo’s biggest hitters. It will most likely have things from it shown off at E3, not a measly Mini Direct.

          1. mmm. Well, point taken. You know, Nintendo fans was expecting it to happen today, but it didn’t. I see what your getting at. Maybe its best to wait for E-3 instead.

    2. I’m guessing Pokemon will release in 2019, sadly. I mean, they said it’d probably take over a year at E3 2017 (so best case scenario late 2018). Seems a little unrealistic to have expected an announcement so soon. Don’t you think? Just look forward to other fun games that will release before then.

      P.S. I always expect to be disappointed from Directs and end up liking them by doing so. ^^

      1. Well. Perhaps your right. Besides, it’s too early for a new generation. I’m expecting a new Pokémon remake for the switch. I know GameFreak is working on it right now, but it’s gonna be very exciting.

        That’s true.

    3. Ass, they literally just finished the last 3DS Pokemon game. How the fuck do you expect a new PKMN Switch game to come out of public reveal THIS SOON? IDK what’s worse, your ineptitude or your trolling.

    4. There was no way anyone should have expected Pokemon news regarding the next game. It was announced at E3 – it is not even in a playable state. Games are not developed/tested and released in a few months. Zelda was announced in like 2014 or 2015 and released in 2017. Pokemon MAY get a trailer at E3, but it most certainly will not release until holiday 2019. Expecting news this early foolish. Same applies for updates for Metroid Prime 4. Possible for a trailer at E3, but likely won’t release until 2019 at the earliest, more likely 2020 – depending on the size of the development team.

      1. Well. It seems like your right. Besides, I was thinking it will come up at some point. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I just want to see if they get a chance to do it this year.

    5. It is too early. I would be surprised to even see a pokemon teaser in E3. Nintendo is releasing DLCs for Pokken to stall for the next big Pokemon games which i do not think will be seeing the light before 2020.

  1. It’d make sense. Tease enough to keep a ramping hype leading into E3, drop a pinch of gameplay from what was announced in March and keep the hype flowing stronk

    1. Animal crossing has a more popular fan base so this title is always expected to land on a Nintendo system, pikmin is in a dark limbo waiting to be revived sometime soon on the switch

      1. ||Silence to all of you, everything will be released for the Switch between 2018-2020, a new civil war between Nintendo factions will not be tolerated…||

          1. Hell no to all of that. If I want Zero with multiplayer, I play 64 or 3DS version. Assault remaster or actual sequel (with Krystal still around) to it unlike Command or nothing at all.

            1. I think we will get Zero because Nintendo is porting every game from Wii U to the Switch.

              Game from Wii U console:
              Hyrule Warriors
              Mario Kart 8

              I think Nintendo already thinked about to port some other games and I hope it’s SFZ

              1. Oh dear God, don’t port them all. Hyrule shouldn’t be ported since 3DS already had it. Pokken shouldn’t be ported since it’s extra content and DLC is pathetically mill plus it’s not even a fun fighting game and it’s roster is strangely off with half of it’s character choice.

                1. I don’t care about Pokken because I don’t like anymore Pokemon.

                  Hyrule Warriors well for the N3DS it’s ok having this game but for those who have the normal 3DS it’s a nightmare and also having all the DLC inside the game makes me want to buy this game in compares to FEW, not because it’s horrible or bad, but it’s just a preference

  2. Out of these three games I only expect Animal Crossing to be coming this year unless Smash is a port but at this point I don’t think it will be. It’s getting too close to when a brand new Smash could possibly be coming and they wouldn’t want to cannibilize their own sales. Until proven otherwise Pokémon is firmly a 2019 game along with Metroid in my mind.

    1. Smash port plus for the Fall/Holiday that is my guess. That Smash was too good not to use it as a jumping off point, same with Mario Kart and now Donkey Kong. Not enough people got to experience those games.

  3. Smash 5 would be a system seller if it releases this year. Also I think Retro Studios should give at least the game title just like Nintendo do with Metroid Prime 4. What is so secret that they can’t reveal until is scheduled to release like Nintendo did with Metroid Samus Returns (I love Metroid but games like this should be revealed with 6 months of anticipation to advertise it well).

      1. Actually, I thought it was known as EA which stands for “Eat Ass”, Patcher’s favorite pass time besides sucking off IGN.

      1. He finally got silenced after Nintendo was dominating with Switch since day 1. Good riddance with that dumbass Trump wannabe troll.

  4. All these people asking for Star Fox and Pikmin havent even played Star Fox Zero or Pikmin 3. Less talking, more playing, thank you.

  5. It’s GREAT to hear something about Animal Crossing Switch (as long as that’s not the name).
    But, WHERE IS PIKMIN 4? Not to mention, the rumored Luigi’s Mansion 3? It seems like forever since anything was mentioned about Pikmin 4.

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