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Eurogamer Says LEGO Incredibles and LEGO DC Villains Rumour Is Spot On

Eurogamer has backed up reports from ComicBook and says that LEGO Incredibles and LEGO DC Villains are both coming this year. Platforms have yet to be announced as the game hasn’t confirmed, but a Nintendo Switch version of both seems highly likely.

“Eurogamer sources close to the studio indicate the game will cover the story of both Incredibles films, and include more than a few nods to other famous Pixar franchises.”

“It is the first Lego video game to be based around a Pixar franchise, although not the first Lego Disney game (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean was great, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens was good but a bit thin on source material).”

“Also due this year is TT Games’ latest DC Comics tie-in, following a trilogy of Lego Batman launches. Instead of a fourth Batman-fronted title, TT Games is making a game which stars a large cast of DC baddies, Eurogamer understands, so expect to see The Joker, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn and more.”



  1. I’ve been playing the Lego Islands and Lego Racers again lately, and they make me long for just one more Lego game NOT based on a licensed property and NOT developed by TT. I don’t see how they’ve been getting away without anyone pointing out how stale they’ve gotten.

  2. Ever since playing a Lego game on the Wii U, I can’t play them on any other system. Having the option to play on separate screens is a must. I spent more time playing hide and seek and Hulk chase then playing the actual game.

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