Netflix Has Renewed Castlevania For Eight Episodes Coming This Summer

Many of you enjoyed the Castlevania anime judging from reactions online and while it was a short first season, Netflix has confirmed it’s coming back for a second. The second season of the Castlevania animation will have eight episodes. It’s due to air sometime this summer and it’s certainly something to look forward to.


  1. Castlevania mirror of fate was a 3ds exclusive for a while. Castlevania is definitely closely aligned to Nintendo, if you look at every release most were originally released on Nintendo hardware…


  2. Looking forward to it. :)

    I do hope someday there will be Castlevania on Nintendo again, on the 0.1% chance Konami finally gets their heads out of the butts.


  3. Yes! The season 1 finale got me hyped for the next season! I’ll be sure to rewatch the first season, too, when the second season is added.


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