Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Is Looking For Indian Studios To Help Create Games For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is currently looking for Indian video game studios to make and create content for the Nintendo Switch. The company is currently in the process of evaluating a number of studios to see if they would be interested in the project. However, the only issue is that the Nintendo Switch is still not officially available in India at present. However one buyer for a large format retail chain said that “We see more customers asking for the Nintendo Switch than they do for the PS4 or Xbox One.” Which is encouraging.




    1. I hope they keep retro focused on dk games, but I don’t know what this latest info is on them producing something not game orientated.
      Hopefully we’ll know soon enough.


  1. I don’t know why but this gives me hope that Nintendo might Finally arrive in Indian I’m huge indian Nintendo fan i only own their console
    But I always feels sad when no one recognize a Nintendo console (e.g calling my DS a PSP) I feel like I’m unofficial Nintendo fan and it’s very hard to get their replacement part in India also I have to spent over 500$ on Switch in launch day not including Botw if Nintendo comes to india Nintendo would definitely change gaming scene in India With their switch and IP.

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    1. ||You will spread the fun of Nintendo in India and once you do, the invasion will commence, you will be known as The Hero of Nintendo in India…||


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