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Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Collects All Power Moons In Super Mario Odyssey

Naughty Dog‘s Neil Druckmann is among the hardcore Mario fans who’ve managed to collect all the available Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey. The Last of Us director has shared a photo of this achievement on his Twitter account, which you can check out in the embedded post below. How many Power Moons have you obtained in Super Mario Odyssey so far? Do you still need more time to unlock everything the game has to offer? Let us know in the comments!



  1. This is Nintendo news how again? Why should I give a fuck that a developer from Naughty Dog got 999 Power Moons?

    Sick of getting notifications for Sony/PlayStation related info. If I wanted Sony related junk I would of subscribed to one of there shit fan sites. You don’t read this junk over on Nintendo Everything.

    Just saying…

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    1. Even if they are under the Sonyan forces they still show interest in Nintendo games, which is good because people who buy only PS game will buy Switch games.


    2. I like these stories because they remind us that while Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are competitors, they are still made up of people who probably like the other consoles too, and that it is a mostly “friendly” competition between all of them, and that they can sometimes come together to make great things (Like cross-platform Minecraft).

      It’s nice to be reminded that these companies should be and mostly are rivals, not enemies.

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    3. Just to show you console wars is a dumb thing…Gamers play games.
      But from what I’ve seen from your message, it’s something you cannot understand.
      I know growing up seems boring, even scary to some….but has a lot of advantages!
      For instance, no one think you’re a 10 year old cretin!
      Try it, you might like it (not now, just wait a little bit more)


  2. Only have about 500 but will be going back soon, there were just too many other games that came out soon after that I’ve been working my way through


  3. One of the best non Nintendo devs. I keep saying that Nintendo needs a story driven action game like Uncharted and the Last of Us, with the secret Nintendo sauce to make it special!

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