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The Super Sonic DLC In Sonic Forces Will Be Free Forever

SEGA has been having a busy day, due to the release of solicitations for the upcoming IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics. But this is not the only news that SEGA had to share today. SEGA had been heavily criticized for their Sonic Forces Super Sonic DLC. Not only is it DLC, something that SEGA didn’t do with Super Sonic in previous games, but SEGA had confirmed that the DLC was only free for a limited time. In fact, you would’ve had to begin paying $2 for Super Sonic sometime this week. The good news is that this will no longer be the case. It was confirmed on Twitter that the Super Sonic DLC will not see a $2 price tag, and it will stay this way forever. The tweet is down below.


31 thoughts on “The Super Sonic DLC In Sonic Forces Will Be Free Forever”

    1. He was actually in the base game but without the typical music fanfare to go along with him and he wasn’t able to be played without hacks

      1. So SEGA is going down the route of having finished content that’s already in the game being locked behind a paywall… even though this turned out to free I have no words to express my disgust.

    1. Dude, chill ya beans yeah? … I not played a Sonu game since WiiU lost world where I thought was quite good… Sonic needs to die off really, the games of late are not great… Ninty need to buy out Sega lol

      1. That would be Pontac & Graff, two of the biggest troll jokers of all time.

        SEGA has the audacity to keep us in the dark over Pontac’s inclusion, and made us think that with just Graff as the main script writer, the game would be slightly better.

        How about Nishiyama or Maekawa, SEGA.

      2. I actually wouldn’t mind it if Nintendo bought Sonic and rebooted the series at this point. They could add some innovation to the series since the games have been the same for almost a decade now, and PLEASE get rid of Warren Gaff, his kind of writing is only good for slapstick humor.

        1. But then again, they may not go the extra length of building a universe. Then again, they wouldn’t fuck up whatever universe they construct compare to Sega.

  1. Now if only we can get Episode Knuckles and Episode Tails, especially since there’s else to do in the post-game after Episode Shadow and attempting to unlock more custom parts.

      1. You’re just saying that because Sonic Mania is now the true Sonic 4. But what would replace Sonic Forces?

        And some of still want to get some mileage out of this game (such as playing as Tails or Knuckles again in a 3D Sonic game), before moving onto NOTHING.

        1. Nobody said that it is because it’s not even called that. Many wished they did because the actual Sonic 4 turned into the episodic mess.

          Good luck with that. The game is dead anyway and had nothing to offer but lies. Did we get Chaos/Shadow boss fight? No. Did we get an overpowered villain to give players a challenge? No because he’s just some random punk ass bitch who joins Eggman out of nowhere and turns evil over a fucking insult to injury fighting someone he never encountered or match before. Also, it’s confusing that they imply he’s a dude with a gem on his chest but also say he’s a test tube creation of Eggman. Which one is it? The game is a goddamn inconsistent trash that proves once again Sega doesn’t give a fuck about their only saving grace of a franchise anymore.

      1. Hell no. I wouldn’t even let them think about doing the official 3rd Adventure game. They’ll fuck it up again unless they outsource the project to someone with competence.

  2. SEGA’s internal teams have rotted for too long. They’re no longer able to create good Sonic weapons internally. Everyone who loved Sonic Mania knew Sonic Forces was going to be a pop gun of a weapon. Personally, I held out zero hope for it from its announcement. Sonic Mania, unfortunately, only confirms how good the Sonic IP could be in competent hands and reveals in stark detail how incompetent SEGA has become.

    1. Amen. Now Sonic’s only hope is reliable outsource like Christian Whitehead. I would give Atlus a shot on making a Sonic game. Bioware failed, Big Red Button failed. Maybe give Dimps another chance since they did very well with Sonic up until Sonic 4 which strangely enough, they went quiet.

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