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The Next Legendary Hero Summoning Event Begins In Fire Emblem Heroes Later Today

The Fire Emblem Heroes Channel Presentation has come and gone. Although there weren’t many announcements, the news that was confirmed was a big one. Starting later today, the third Legendary Hero Summoning Event will begin in the game. Many characters will appear in the event, which lasts from January 31st to February 5th. The most noteworthy character in the Event is the appearance of Ike. Below is the full list of characters that will be available to get in the Event, as well as an official trailer that Nintendo has released.

  • [5 ★ Focus] Ike, the Vanguard Legend. Voiced by Greg Chun. Artist: Kita Senri. Comes with an Earth Blessing. Legendary Effect: ???.
  • [5 ★ Focus] Takumi, the Wild Card (from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright). Voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas. Artist: Hino Shinnosuke;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Sanaki, Begnion’s Apostle (from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn). Voiced by Mai Nakahara / Erin Fitzgerald. Artist: Tomioka Jiro;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Faye, the Devoted Hearted (from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia). Voiced by Amber Connor. Artist: Konfuzi Kokon;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Frederick, the Horizon Watcher. Voiced by Kyle Hebert. Artist: Suekane Kumiko;
  • [5 ★ Focus] (Female) Robin, the Seaside Tactician. Voiced by Lauren Landa. Artist: Mayo.
  • [5 ★ Focus] Xander, the Student Swimmer (from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest). Voiced by George Spelvin. Artist: PenekoR;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Lucina, the Brave Princess (from Fire Emblem Awakening). Voiced by Alexis Tipton. Artist: Kozaki Yuusuke;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Azura, the Lady of Ballads. Voiced by Rena Strober. Artist: kaya8;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Fjorm, the Princess of Ice (original character). Voiced by Heather Watson. Artist: Maeshima Shigeki. Comes with a Water Blessing. Legendary Effect: HP+3, Spd+3;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Siegbert, the Future King (from Fire Emblem: Conquest). Voiced by Todd Haberkorn. Artist: Arai Teruko;
  • [5 ★ Focus] Gunnthrá, the Voice of Dreams (original character). Voiced by Carrie Keranen. Artist: Maeshima Shigeki. Comes with a Wind Blessing. Legendary Effect: HP+3, Res+4.

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