Nintendo Switch

You Will Soon Be Able To Use My Nintendo Gold Points In Nintendo eShop On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced today that you will be able to redeem Gold Points from My Nintendo on the Nintendo eShop against Nintendo Switch games. That’s right, if you’ve got Gold Points accumulating you will soon be able to put these towards Nintendo Switch games. This exciting new feature won’t go live until March.

Once earned, Gold Points remain valid until the last day of the month in the following calendar year. For example, any Gold Points you earned in March 2017 will remain valid until the end of March 2018.


Thanks to P Edwards for the news tip!



      1. According to the official My.Nintendo web, it’s actually 5 times more than that, gold points turn into 5% of their worth, 1000points are 50 dollars, which isn’t that bad


      2. Nope that 5% is the coins you get from buying games,
        So when you buy a game for 20 euro you get 100 coins.
        100 coins then convert to 1 euro when you purchase a game with it.


      3. I think you misread that. It doesn’t actually say yet what a gold coin will be worth when you spend it on the eshop.

        The 1% figure you saw was about buying physical copies of games. Right now, if you buy a physical game you can get 5% back in gold coin but they’ll be dropping down to 1%.

        Basically Ninty was already giving you less loyalty points for buying physical but now they REALLY are giving you the bare minimum.


      4. What exactly do you guys expect as a cashback program? It’s not going to be better than a credit card, and just a couple percent on the dollar is pretty standard for a low end credit card.


  1. Probably should include the small print that physical game purchases will only give you 1% return in gold coins. $60 game gives you 12 right now so better register those game carts now before the change.

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  2. Finally!

    At least this time I won’t be limited to 3DS themes, Indie Games, Digital game guides, and select discounts.

    I have more Gold coins than I actually need and I currently don’t know what to spend them on.

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  3. So they changed the expire date for gold coins from 6 months to 12 months? Or will the 12 month expiration date not be a thing til March?


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