Nintendo President Interested In VR But Says Nothing Interesting Has Been Done Yet With The Tech

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has recently said that he’s interested in Virtual Reality but he feels that nothing has been done yet with the technology that has excited people. He says that would experiment with it if they could make interesting things with it but at the moment the technology isn’t really there yet.



    1. Don’t really think so.
      I understand why Nintendo can’t have VR. The costs as a mass medium are just way over the top. Buying a PS4 plus VR plus controllers is already considered cheap but completely misses Nintendo’s target audience. So when he’s talking about interesting, maybe he means interesting for that use case.

      But generally he wouldn’t call it not interesting if it wasn’t interesting, as weird as it sounds. Because obviously, VR has one hell of a potential. We often act like an HD update would justify the 2nd purchase of a game. Well, a VR upgrade really does, as it really enables one sick hell of a new experience. And if that’s not “interesting” than what is. It’s obviously way more interesting than Nintendo’s move toward motion controls back in 2006. And yes, that was already good enough to be called interesting.
      Nintendo just hasn’t found a way yet, to make it accessible for their audience. And as VR shouldn’t be played by players under 13 yrs, Nintendo might call it uninteresting for some way longer time to come.
      But it’s just totally missing the point that there’s a lot of potential that has already been used in a way that can totally be a huge step to traditional gaming, if done right. Resident Evil 7 for instance feels basically like 2 different games when played on VR VS on TV.And that game’s already a year old.

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      1. YKW I think? If they attempt this, I bet fuckers are gonna complain one of two things: Not as immersive or still too expensive even though it’ll be likely that their VR will match or be cheaper.


      2. “Way more interesting” than motion controls. Even if VR is completely useless without said controls, no gyro tracking your head would reduce it to being a 3DTV.
        Resident Evil 7 and DOOM VFR more or less exemplify how unfinished it all is. Having to teleport and dash around in Doom, or lacking free hand control in Resi.
        It boils down to a significant graphics upgrade and not much more until they find better and more complete ways to interact with the game. Room experiences come close, but are dragged down by a plethora of factors to the point it’s not something most customers can have.
        “HD Update” as you said, that’s what they are for now.


  1. The tittle is misleading. He said “Nintendo” hasn’t done anything interesting with VR not nothing period has been done with VR. The tittle makes it sound like an attack towards the Devs who have done stuff with VR.

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  2. Skyrim VR is a pretty immersive experience. My issue with my psvr is the bulky headgear. It’s honestly hard to say if this is truly the next step for gaming, or it will fade.


    1. Yet, PSVR is the most comfortable VR out there right now. That said, it’s not going to fade. Hundreds of companies are actively pursuing VR and a coalition of large and small companies was formed to invest billions into the future of VR including Facebook, Sony, and others. It will be around for a while.

      Think of the current stage of VR as the NES era. Basic and enjoyable. Has potential and will definitely get better over time.

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  3. Nothing interesting has been done yet. Ok? So how about you be the innovators you claim to be and MAKE something interesting. How about you be smart and be the first to do something interesting and lead the way, and people will buy. Oh but nah, why do that when we have an awesome cardboard box toy coming out? And for the people saying it’s for kids. Guess what? I started gaming in the 80s at 4 years old, and even at that age I would have known labo is stupid af. None of my friends at that age would have wanted something so stupid. But please, tell me how your kids are so excited about something so dumb and how your family is gonna have soooo much fun.


    1. Hes saying nothing interesting has been done so even if nintendo made vr games on a vr console there would be a huge disparity between the good nintendo games and the literal piles of horseshit everyone else has been producing thus far


    2. “Innovating” with VR would have been the easy option for Nintendo – that’s supposed to be “the next big thing” in gaming, even though it won’t be – not yet, anyway. Nintendo were very smart to ignore that money sink and instead make the Switch – a properly innovative console that has already shifted way more units than VR anything and will continue to do so.

      Labo has clearly caught the imagination of some people as the pre-orders are very high, but that really doesn’t matter. Nintendo haven’t staked their entire future on Labo. It will succeed or fail, but whatever it does, the Switch and by extension Nintendo will be just fine, thanks to them using their brain rather than just hopping on whatever fad you think they should.


    3. I think that’s what he’s trying to say. By “we” he obviously means Nintendo. He’s saying that they (Nintendo) haven’t come up with anything interesting/compelling enough to justify their jump into the market.


  4. Isn’t Nintendo the company that’s supposed to be innovative?! Now I’m not a fan of VR, in fact I can’t stand VR and hope it dies off sooner rather than later, but if Nintendo found a way to sell f!@#ing cardboard for $80+ to parents and children and have them believe it’s a new way to interact with games (which, I hate to admit, technically it is tbh lol) then they clearly should be capable of creating unique experiences with VR gaming.

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  5. Perhaps if they (Nintendo) fuse AR with VR they could make something unique (sorry if what I said now makes no sense. I am not knowledgeable about this topic).


  6. I hope you guys are at least fooling around and experimenting with it, so when you guys do jump on it, you aren’t trying to play catch up like you idiots had to do with HD.


      1. Not much difference since they are still idiots what with the voice chat locked behind a stupid smartphone app. Til they patch that shit on Switch, they might as well still be stupid idiots.


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