Rumour: Disney Is Reportedly Talking To Two Other Developers About Star Wars License

Many fans, gamers, and journalists, weren’t entirely happy with Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel Star Wars Battlefront 2. In fact the sequel didn’t sell quite as well as EA had hoped due to the pre-launch backlash against it. Disney is rumoured to be speaking to two other developers regarding the future of the franchise and whether it will continue to stay with EA. These two developers are thought to be Ubisoft and Activision. If either of these two do eventually get the license then we could see the next batch of Star Wars games grace the Nintendo Switch, which has proved to be immensely popular with consumers. This is currently a rumour at present but Disney has to be slightly worried with EA in charge of the acclaimed series right now.


Thanks to Unholy for the news tip!



      1. The reason why Disney had to give the deal Star Wars to EA was due to money and wanted to make big cash on gaming. Before the infamous backlash from Microtransactions. Now because of EA’s bullshit. They have no other choice but to give Star Wars to other big companies. Even if they try to give it to small devs? They can’t make big budget games as EA and other big companies have.

        So no one is to blame but EA itself. XD


    1. Yup. I’d say Ubi is better than Activision but still all three are rough. They should just pursue different devs for different projects instead of leaving them all to one corporation.


    1. ||I prefer if they manage to manipulate them into destroying themselves somehow, there is nothing better than watching armies, individuals, planets etcetera destroy themselves…||

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        Don’t call him puppet, it makes you look like…sorry to say this…like obinna, call him vessel or something else.

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  1. They should not bank on one publisher that will most likely get greedy with it like EA.
    They should license it for 2, even if they made less from licensing.


    1. “Breaking: Disney sells Star Wars licenses to Capcom and Valve. Capcom has announced their new game, Star Wars: Cash in edition, will be released in two weeks for $60, with actual content to be added at a later date. Valve has announced their new project, The Perfect Saga, encompassing everything that’s ever happened in the franchise, will be completed in 2042.”


  2. Please be true. Anyone but you, EA! And I agree they should break up the Star Wars game licenses for multiple developers instead of a single one. They can give the Rogue Squadron series to PlatinumGames if Factor 5 is out of the question. It’d be a nice alternative over Nintendo’s Star Fox.


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