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Pokémon Go Is Adding A Brand New Safari Zone Event In Taiwan And Rainbow Team Rocket Outfits

To honor the Lunar New Year, a brand new Pokémon Go Safari Zone event will be coming to the Chiayi Lantern Festival in Taiwan on 26th February.

During this event, Pokémon Unown, Dragonair, Dratini, Mr. Mime, and Growlithe will pop up more frequently throughout the map. As Mr. Mime is currently region locked to Europe, bringing them to Taiwan will give players a chance to capture a Pokémon not previously available in their country.

Here’s the information from Niantic’s Pokemon Go Live website:

“For thousands of years, the Lantern Festival has symbolized good luck and fortune. See beautiful lights and honor the New Year with Pokémon GO during a special Safari Zone event at the Chiayi Lantern Festival in Taiwan, hosted by the Chiayi County government from February 26 to March 3.

Dratini, Mr. Mime, Growlithe and many other Pokémon will be appearing at the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event among the lanterns during the daytime, starting at 7:00 AM. At 5:00 PM, as the lanterns begin to glow, Trainers will see Chinchou and Lanturn in the wild! There will also be Pokémon to discover around Puzi City and the rest of Chiayi County, so make sure you walk around and enjoy all that Chiayi has to offer. And of course, don’t miss the beauty of the lanterns, which will bring good health, wealth and love in the New Year.

We also want to extend our thoughts and condolences to those affected by the nearby earthquake. We hope those lanterns will bring the people of Taiwan comfort, and we sincerely wish you healing and a strong recovery.

—The Pokémon GO team”

Along with this event, similar to the Team Rocket clothing release worldwide, trainers in Taiwan will also be able to purchase rainbow Team Rocket clothing.


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