Nintendo Switch

Amazon US: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Available For $49.99

If you have long gaming sessions on your Nintendo Switch playing via the TV then you will most likely be thinking about purchasing a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Amazon currently has the standard black Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on offer for $49.99. It normally retails for the much higher price of $69.99. You can purchase it here.



  1. I managed to nab a completely new one from a pawn shop. for whatever reason, they listed the switch pro controller for $25, while the Wii U pro controller was about $50 and i know it wasn’t just a sticker swap because the information on it definitely identified the item. im glad because I at least wanted two pro controllers and two wired controllers. I dont like people using my joycon in fear they might damage them so if I ever get a full house, pro conrollers are always used

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    1. Amiibo and motion control support cost money. I mean, I wish they didn’t have those things. My Ideal controller would only focus on shape and button quality, be corded, and probably cost $25. Nontheless, since they carry more features, they’re more expensive to make. PS and XB controllers aren’t comparable.

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      1. The DualShock 4 HAS motion controls! Even the DS3 did! The DS4 also has a speaker, analog triggers, a headphone jack, an extension port, a touch pad, and an LED array that allows it to be tracked with a camera. It objectively has more features than the Switch Pro controller and you guys are saying the opposite.

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      2. “They’re not even $70 right now. ”

        Right……like he said, they were “originally” 70, as in, “They are no longer, but were when they first released”.

        “less technology? If it were to have lesser specs, they would still be PS3/XB360.”

        Huh? Lesser specs? You know that controller technology is not related to graphics processing right? He’s saying there’s less tech in a PS4 controller than a Switch Pro controller, which is true. Now whether or not that extra tech is worth it is a valid thing to criticize, but no. The PS4 controller having fewer doodads than a Swtich controller has nothing to do with PS3.

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