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EA On A Switch Release Of Burnout Paradise Remastered: “We Have Nothing To Announce There”

EA confirmed Burnout Paradise Remastered today. The game will be available for Xbox One and Playstation 4 on March 16th, but not for the Nintendo Switch. There was no Switch version announced, but Polygon did contact EA to learn more. An EA representative told Polygon that “as for Switch, we have nothing to announce there”. The representative didn’t say anything more about the matter.




      1. That, and it is an official statement from EA addressing a question that people had about the game. Which is important.


      1. But alas, EA still insists on being pricks towards the Switch and how fucking stupid because they’re neglecting the big console money maker at the moment so they’re not only selfish but beyond retarded on where it mostly counts. If XB360/PS3 can run this game at decent resolution at 60FPS, the Switch can push the performance a bit more and still sustain 60FPS.

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  1. Fuck EA. Those slimy microtransactions cock suckers. EA is honestly the worst gaming company I have ever seen in this industry.

    EA is cancer to the industry much like Xbox. Funny how those two companies are so in bed with each other.

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  2. Bethesda gave us Doom and is bringing Wolfenstein 2 to the switch!

    Are you fucking with me EA? YOU CANT PORT A LOWER RES VERSION OF ONE OF MY FAVOURITE RACING GAMES, WHICH WILL DEFINITELY SEE A PROFIT IN COMPARISON TO FIFA AND FE!! I swear I’m sick of announcements for games like this, and no mention of switch.

    Oh and fuck EA


    1. Depending on how well Doom, Skyrim and Wolfenstein performed saleswise, we will still have to see whether Bethesda isn’t moving away from Switch. EA was just as ambitious back on the WiiU.
      To be fair, Bethesda has better cards and their offering is way more attractive, but still, could still be that it’s not really enough. It’s not enough if people just like it when Wolfenstein and Doom are being released. They also have to buy these games with real money.


      1. My point was, that they still ported them to switch.
        EA has brought a decent FIFA to the switch YES. But i live in the UK where a strong percentage of people buy the complete Fifa experience usually on Playstation. Even europe in itself has a very Strong Fifa presence on consoles such as PS4 or XBone. That market might be there for Fifa on switch with the volume of switches being sold but in comparison to the other two it surely hasn’t sold the even half as well, granted the PS4 and XBone have the complete version of the Game.

        Now taking a look at Burnout Paradise
        fig 1) A game Wii owners missed out on. (fanboys can jump on)
        fig 2) Apart from slight graphical issues; the same game all consoles.
        fig 3) A more competitive market, can easily see it grossing as well on Switch as all other consoles or possibly by small chance even better. ( 15Million switches out there already, i also doubt this remaster will ever hit 15million on all 3 consoles ) having it on switch equals more money to be made.

        All of this typing essentially equates to me just wanting the damn game on Switch, i would love this game on my desired platform. And not hearing it be mentioned at all is a fucking bummer.


  3. Need for Speed Most Wanted U on the WiiU was the definitive version of one of the last good Need for Speed games. I think I enjoyed it at least as much as Burnout Paradise. Still MWU sold so laughably bad, that I can imagine that EA spokesperson had a laugh first, when being asked about releasing any racing game in the next century for a Nintendo console. When MWU launched, there actually was an install base there, the WiiU had … let’s say more momentum than in the years to come, so it should have sold at least something and it even looked and ran better than the PS3 version. Still nada.

    Still, I hope it comes. It would be a great fit.


    1. If I remember correctly, there was no eshop digital version of the game, and retailers got no stock.
      It was delayed to oblivion and at the time of the release there was absolutely zero marketing for it.
      Sure it was a decent port, I had to to order it from origin store to get it..


      1. At least the delayed to oblivion can’t be true as I was playing this game by march 2013 on my Switch. And I remember a maybe small but still existing campaign promoting the game’s Gamepad-features where a father could help a son playing the game. OK, it was a completely laughable feature to be honest, but the game was definitely there.

        About the stock I don’t know though, could be, but I guess that also might have to do with the demand. It was just kinda sad, as Criterion did a really good job there and the sales were so insanely bad, none of the points you mentioned could really completely explain them to a EA strategist (nor to me tbh ;) )

        There are definitely more legit explanations why Fifa sold bad on the Switch or Mass Effect 3 on the WiiU (while METrilogy was sold cheaper for other consoles, ouch), but MWU just missed its audience by a lightyear it seems to me.


      2. That’s right, I think it was originally supposed to be closer to launch, somehow I do remember 6 month delay on it’s release from original launch window.
        Wii U was all kinds of mess from marketing to miscommunication.
        About the only difference between Wii U and Switch, is that Nintendo had its games ready and marketed accordingly.
        Wii U was done before Nintendo started to get their games to the system.


  4. EA still thinks they’re indispensable for survival of Nintendo.
    Probably EA is glamouring to enter the console race if competition gets scarcer, but they would have better luck on dropping MS than Nintendo.
    Good thing I can live without EA games, especially what they have become as of late.
    I was waiting for Bad Company 3, but they would just fuck it up like they do every 3rd sequel they vomit out and murder the single player campaign in favor of multiplayer lootboxtravaganza.


      1. EA probably had more social studies graduates than programmers working on ME Andromeda.
        It was pretty funny that original Battlefront 2 received sales boost on steam.
        Have not played it on ages, I do remember it was fun, and playing EA’s Battlefront on beta was not.


  5. EA continues to burn what little is left of their bridges with Nintendo fans. I actually don’t think their stuff will ever do well on a Nintendo platform anymore just because they show so little support. Their own fault of course.


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