The Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is Slated To Release On November 15th, 2019

Mario and Pikachu are not the only ones that are going to be making some major movie appearances soon. Sonic the Hedgehog is also on track to see his own movie release. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the movie will be releasing November 15th, 2019. The movie, which will be a live-action/CGI hybrid film, is being produced by Paramount and Marza Animation Planet. Warner Brothers’ Margie Claus, a “musical comedy starring Melissa McCarthy as Santa Claus’ wife”, will be releasing on the same day as the Sonic movie.




      1. It’s basically a 3 part episode sewed into one. The plot made no sense (why branch off from CD’s plot without Amy is beyond me) and the voice acting was almost as worse as the new cast today but the action and animation style was spot on to CD.

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      2. At least it was faithful to the Classic Sonic games at the time. And apart from maybe Tails’ voice, the voice acting wasn’t that bad.


  1. Not that I care but I think this movie is just gonna be another Trainwreck. For one, it’s a video game movie..made by Sony of all shit studios. And 2. This is Sonic. Yup, it’s doomed to flop.


    1. Sony isn’t involved actually. Read the article. It’s being done by Paramount (owned by Viacom) and Marza (owned by Sega Holdings through another company.) Of course, Sega being directly involved isn’t any better. lol

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      1. But Sonic team is supervising production and that’s what worries me, people can say whatever they want about Miyamoto but at least the people who he trained nowadays are producing quality content while current Sonic team under Izuka’s leadership has been crap.

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      2. Yeah, some of the best stuff that have their name are not developed by them (Bayonetta, sonic mania, smash bros). lol!!!

        Sonic died after the genesis (ironic)


      3. Sega itself lost a huge part of it’s soul when they ignored Tom Kalinske and made their first biggest mistake with releasing the Sega Saturn too damn soon; they’ve been making a ton of mistakes ever since. So in a way, Sega died in the 90s with the Genesis.


  2. If they haven’t even started production yet, stupid move to already give the movie a release date. See, this is why Sonic Boom for consoles failed: Big Red Button was given a deadline before production officially began and they had to rush to meet said deadline. So they apparently learned NOTHING from Sonic Boom’s failures.

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    1. So I hope they attached a little tagline (for lack of a better word because the word I really want to use just won’t pop up in my head) stating “release date may change.”

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