Game Informer April Cover For The 300th Issue Has A Metroid Themed One

Game Informer is celebrating the fact that it has reached its 300th issue which is quite an achievement. The publication has chosen four games and has chosen four special covers which are Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft, Metroid, and World Of Warcraft. They all look fantastic and you can view them on the Game Informer site. Here’s the Metroid themed cover




    1. You should be happy that the series is even mentioned for it’s big issue release. Also, the image would’ve shown you getting owned by Samus anyway so you’re lucky. lol

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      1. Since they only revealed the name of Metroid Prime 4 in the E3 of 2017, it’s possible to have trailer in the E3 of this year.


    2. Commander, the reason of why you aren’t there could be that this is an art of a possible remake of Super Metroid, my favorite 2D Metroid.


  1. I hope my issue of GameInformer is the Metroid cover!

    Hm. Keep my GameStop membership at Pro or get that new membership they started a few months back. Decisions, decisions.

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  2. To think the last good metroid game got release 11 years ago….. I hope they never treat Zelda like the treat there other franchises. Most got thrown into the thrashcan by now , no modern Star Fox , Yoshi , Kirby , F-Zero , Donkey Kong! , and a bunch more and with modern I don’t mean those 2d games they keep pushing out wich we already had in 1990 but actually modernized games like Ocarina of time and now Breath of the wild and Metroid prime.


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