Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Is Now 1 Year Old

One year ago, the Nintendo Switch was released worldwide. On March 3rd, 2017, no one ever anticipated that the Nintendo Switch would be so successful. Ever since the console launched, the Switch has been breaking sales records everywhere, and its first-party titles have scored numerous awards and nominations. It has already surpassed the Wii U’s lifetime sales in many regions. The second year of the Nintendo Switch’s life looks to be just as promising. Pokemon, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Dark Souls and many more are on the way. Third-party and indie support have been fantastic, and this support keeps growing with every passing month. We will see if the Switch keeps its momentum in the next 12 months.

Happy birthday, Nintendo Switch!



    1. Yeah, like I literally just got the system weeks ago. I remember waiting in line with a few recognizable folks in town and hoping for the Neon version but got the black. XP


      1. Pii didn’t even hit 14, not even close. I’m sure the Switch hit somewhere between 16-19m by now. It hit 10 million by November so December and January likely boosted those numbers by several million.


      1. Then how come NPD stated the Switch sold amazingly well and beat the other two consoles? We’ll wait for the sales results this week.


  1. Technically I got mine on August 31st. So in my opinion its not my year to say yet, but in reality it is its 1 year anniversary. Played Breath of the Wild today in honor of its first anniversary.


  2. 1 year anniversary. Broke a bunch of records before it’s first birthday and… Nothing. Nothing exciting at all to happen on it’s birthday. *shrug*


      1. If it’s still kicking period. Plans change & they could suddenly decide that 8 or more years is too long of a life cycle and end it at 5 or 6 when they are able to push out a stronger system. Especially if a new PlayStation or Xbox comes along before Switch is 3 or 5 years old & the 3rd parties flock to it for the increase in power, leaving Switch with scraps. (Of course, it’s getting scraps now (mostly) but that could change within the next 6 months.) So many things can happen within a year alone so 3 to 5 to even 8 years can make an even bigger difference than 1.


  3. One full year and I’ve only played 2 games on the Switch (and only enjoyed one of those games). Yet I own 7 games. And I’ve never pulled it from the dock more than a few random times (but not to play it). Still eagerly awaiting Animal Crossing and Pikmin 4. WHERE ARE THEY?


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