Nintendo Switch

The Full Version Of The Kirby Star Allies Website Is Now Live

As Nintendo promised, you can now check out the full website for Kirby Star Allies. There isn’t really anything major on the site, but if you are a My Nintendo member, there is a little game that you can play. Kirby has lost 4 Friend Hearts, and it is up to you to find them by September 30th. You get 25 Platinum Points for each Friend Heart you find, so you can earn up to 100 Platinum Points if you manage to find them all.




      1. Again, I’m not going through such redundant process ON A REGION-LOCK FREE CONSOLE to access what should’ve been already available by now.


      2. I..actually don’t like it. Not that it’s bad but it’s way too similar from the past several games and it’s unbearably slower for me especially after I grew up with the GBA titles that’s paced faster. I appreciate the appealing visuals and actually combining once separate power ups as one (Burning/Fire Abilities for example). What also bothers me is that there’s literal loading times in-between transiting parts of a level after accessing doors. I’m like “WTF? Loading times in levels?”


      3. I understand why Rainbow Curse is 30 for suitability of it’s claymation style but this is Return to Dreamland with more bloom effects.


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