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Rumour: Pokemon Switch Will Be A Reboot Of The Franchise

We know that the Pokemon Company is hard at work on the next Pokemon game which is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Information has appeared today which suggests that its going to a reboot of the franchise which kind of makes sense given that it’s on a brand new platform. The source who leaked the information leaked a lot of information on Gen 7. As always this is a rumour at present, so we shall have to wait and see.

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    1. I believe a lot of rumours have implied a reboot of the series, but then again any new installment of any series that releases on the Switch people have said, “This is going to be a reboot of x series” (x being a standin for whatever series.) But I would believe that Gen 8 would be a reboot of how the Pokemon games work.

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      1. One could also argue that gen 3 was also a reboot, but on a much smaller scale. Mechanics being changed, incompatibility with older gens, both gen 1 and 2 getting remade, etc.


  1. I think they are missing a big opportunity if they don’t dig deep to rework/modernize this series for the Switch. Breath of the Wild that ish.

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    1. Thats exactly what Pokemon needs indeed modernized for home consoles like Zelda was mondernized with breath of the wild. I’m very excited if this happens even more if it has full online support with people walking around in the same world but I doubt nintendo will do that.


      1. It worked just fine for Mario and Zelda on the Switch, and those are older franchises. What makes Pokemon so special, that the game can’t change? I love the older Zelda formula as much as anybody, but BotW was a refreshing change, even if it wasn’t perfect and I found myself missing the older formula at times.


      2. BotW alienated so many people, that we had to turn to Oceanhorn and various ALTTP clones (many of which are gender-swaps) for anything close to a traditional Zelda game. A the Mario series hasn’t changed that much.

        But if we’re pushing change, hell, why not throw in some Digimon cameos into the franchise, as well as alternate stone evolutions: Pikachu w/ Fire Stone, Oddish w/ Thunderstone, Vulpix w/ Dusk Stone. Also give Kangaskhan a pre-evolution and let Porygon and its evolutions appear in the anime. Heck, why stop there. Let’s change all their names and retcon their evolutions (like Klink)

        Or they can let Ash actually win a Pokemon League.

        Because change? But why am I getting paranoid over something one person wants……..


  2. Would be cool if it were fuse all gens and regions into one big open world game, this way you can explore and adventure through mass amounts of content.
    But of course, I won’t hope on that.

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    1. I have been saying this for years to my buddies!!! Have it like the anime show where after you complete one region you move on and start over with Pikachu and a starter from that region.

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  3. They would need to ditch the leveling system if they really want to give the player the freedom they finally want from a Pokémon game. They can balance the difficulty of Pokémon battles in different ways.


    1. For me… personally. I really hope not. I like the RPG elements to Pokemon. If they remove that I might not really care for Pokemon anymore. I don’t want a button mashing monster game. Would get board real quick. That’s just me though.


  4. I see more that it will be a soft reboot. Renewed battle system and maybe even a re-beginning on Kanto/Sinnoh(if following the universal reboot theory), but I highly doubt that it will cut completely with the basis of the series as all the creatures are a great merchandise sellers and cutting then off a main game would be a shot on the feet. Also the Pokémon competitive scene is the greatest competitive rpg scene and one of the greatest competitive game scene and they wouldn’t cut the players from they old Pokémon, even more as they released the GenI and II games with GenVII compatibility to solve the GameBoy issue.
    Sorry for my really poor English.

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  5. I only hope this doesn’t mean they’re repeating Gen 3’s mistake and having the region only contain new Pokémon (and not supporting Pokémon Bank). We don’t need hard-earned collections being trapped in the past again.

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  6. Personally i dont ned a new Pokemon are this year.
    I do t need so much if a reboot so much as a focus on all the best things in each game, then make one BIG SKYRIM/ BREATH OF THE WILD like make/story. That brought all current regions (maybe orange islands) with more free range open world 🗺 style of discovery. Maybe also a way for the trainer to be more ….engaging. Give the trainer more stuff to do…

    Also i think a game like this should have no new Pokemon (maybe ultra beat) and only have regional varents. Even kanto and joto can have different varents.


  7. Open world Pokemon region with more side quests than BotW, Pokken Battle system, graphics of Monster Hunter World and full MMO connection will make this game the definitive experience of the Switch. Until Smash Bros. 5, GTA5 and Prime 4 comes.


  8. A reboot of the gameplay is fine by me. But a total reboot is out of the question. I want to carry over my 700+ Pokemon to the Switch game. I refuse to continue with this franchise if I have to start over from scratch. Fuck. That. Noise!


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