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Nicalis: “Quote Is Ready For Epic Character Cross-Over Battles On Nintendo Switch! Are You?!?”

Nicalis has posted an interesting tweet earlier today, where they teased Quote from Cave Story being “ready for epic character cross-over battles on Switch”. The link goes to an animation of Quote that Nicalis tweeted in August of 2017. As for what the “epic character cross-over battles” are, clearly Nicalis is teasing some kind of game appearance. Whatever it is, we’ll let you know when they confirm it. Here’s the teaser tweet:



      1. I’m with cubit12x. It’s still to early for indie characters to be playable in smash. They should put in characters that deserve it more first like Simon Belmont or maybe another Megaman character. The only indie character I would be okay with right now is Shantae, if you can call her an indie character.


    1. I don’t think so. Even if the game is good most people, even I, want to see other Indie characters like Shovel Knight and Shantae 4 Smash 5


  1. As much as I would absolutely adore Quote in Smash, this is probably about Brawlout, considering that game has other indie game characters. Either that or something else.

    Also, that model looks kind of creepy


  2. When people assume this is a guarantee that Quote will be in Smash & you’re looking at the game Brawlout, a Smash clone, featuring indie game characters…

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      1. Is he? Nicalis are supporting well the Switch, maybe their good relationship with Nintendo made Quote more likely (and deserving) to enter than Simon, for example (Simon is good, but Konami is beyond trash).


      2. But at least Konami Hudson made Bomberman for Switch. So I want Bomberman as a playable character


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